You Can Now Buy A Shield To Protect Your Makeup And Eyelashes In The Shower

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Published 12.06.19

Finally, you can sort your makeup and eyelashes out and then get into the shower.

Listen, I’m not a person who wears all that stuff, so I’m not sure what headspace one would be in to apply their makeup before they have a shower but, you know, whatever floats your boat.

First thing’s first, if you are one to all of a sudden need a shower after putting your makeup on, then I absolutely sympathise with your plight.


I currently have a cast on my wrist after breaking it and have to wear some ridiculous arm condom for a shower. I hate it, don’t trust it and look like a tw*t in it.

So yeah, do this for your makeup if you want. Make me feel more normal.


Ever Been "Beardfished" On A Date?

"You Beardfished Me!" 😂

Posted by The Hook on Friday, July 13, 2018

Called SHOWERSHIELD, these wonderful little masks effortless protect your beautiful, painted face from the torrential shower water from above.

They come in at a modest £11.77 ($14.95) and essentially look like one of those things that you had to wear when you used the wood-turner in Resistant Materials class (you may call it Woodwork, Shop, or hey! Maybe DT).

Happily, this also protects people who are recovering from facial wounds, perhaps as a hangover from surgery or, I don’t know, quad-biking?

Sheridan Elle, who founded SHOWRSHIELD, said:

I started this company after standing in the shower countless times using my hands as a makeshift shield in an attempt to protect my previously applied makeup (that took me a considerable amount of time and not to mention money to apply) from getting ruined.

It quickly became part of my beauty regime and saves me countless times when i’m in a rush or just want a shortcut in getting ready.

It works great for the aftercare and maintenance of recent facial surgery, microblading, and eyelash extensions. Taking care of your procedures post-operation is not only critical but also something that should be done with ease and worry free when healing.

I get the whole surgery thing, but “countless” times that Elle was caught in the shower with makeup on? That just sounds like poor planning.

Really poor planning.

Apparently the SHOWERSHIELD employs the use of velcro to fasten it to your head and according to third-party users, it genuinely works.

Cool that she just went out and started a company though because showering was annoying. Good on her.

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