You Can Now Buy A Year’s Supply Of Lotus Biscoff Biscuits For Just £9 On Amazon

Sophie WatsonSophie Watson in News, World
Published 09.09.19

Good news for Lotus Biscoff fans – not only can you buy Biscoff & Go pots, ice cream and topping sauce – but now you can settle the entire family’s biscuit cravings on a budget.

This is going to be the best £9 I’ve ever spent…

When you think about it, £9 these days just about buys you a KFC meal, or a Subway, so I’d definitely rather have a box of my favourite biscuits in my room that I can snack on for the next year or so.

I mean, can you imagine how good it’s going to be to only walk three steps to get a midnight snack? The days of creeping up and down the stairs are over…

The deal was spotted by money saving shoppers on HotUkDeals, where a box of 300 Lotus Biscoff biscuits (1.84kg) could be purchased on Amazon for an incredible £8.95.

The good news is that the offer still stands and you can click here to get your year’s fix of the good stuff.

To make this biscuit news even better, Amazon are offering free delivery on every purchase of these boxes and you don’t even need to be a Prime member. Perfect! I’m making an order right now.

There are over 500 customer reviews on the best selling product, and 88% of people have rated it 5 stars. Wow, a lot of people are loving the caramelised biscuit aren’t they?

One customer wrote: ‘WARNING … These are addictive.’

Another commented: ‘Why oh why has it taken me so long to look on Amazon and find my favourite biscuits in the whole world? The package arrived 5 minutes ago & I’ve already savoured 3 biscuits, I’m still dribbling!’

People are even claiming having the biscuit in bulk prevents them from gaining weight: ‘Eating these do seem to stop the urge of snacking on other products such as cakes, high calorie biscuits thus keep your weight down.’

Although I’d argue that having so many in front of me would only encourage me to overly snack, but ah well, I’ll risk it for a biscuit, or ten.

This news comes after we discovered Lotus Biscoff ice cream, Biscoff & Go dipping pots and spread, and Biscoff topping sauceWe’ve all gone Biscoff mad.

My favourite is their ice cream. The frozen dairy treat is covered in Belgian milk chocolate and caramelised biscuit pieces, adding an extra heavenly crunch to the Biscoff flavoured ice cream centre. If that doesn’t sound heavenly enough, the middle is also lined with the brand’s iconic spread, so you really are getting the full Lotus Biscoff experience in just one bite.

Where can you get Biscoff ice cream?

You can find these mouth-watering deserts at Waitrose for just £3.89 for three, however people suggest that Tesco and Morrisons are also the places to look.

Not only that, but Costa is now selling Lotus Biscoff muffins as part of its brand new Autumn menu.

The spiced muffin will be filled with Lotus Biscoff spread in its centre and topped with smooth toffee icing. Oh, it also comes with a whole biscuit too! D.I.V.I.N.E.

I cannot wait to have 300 of these delicious biscuits at my fingertips. 

Images via Lotus Biscoff/Costa/Amazon