You Can Now Buy Christmas Tree Beds For Your Cat

Sarah O NeillSarah O Neill in Funny, News
Published 01.11.19

Christmas is a cat’s paradise. From the shiny, highly breakable baubles, to the leftover Christmas turkey, it seems like nothing is better for your fluffy friend than the festive season.

Now if you’re the type of person to treat your pet to a visit from Santa Claws (and I definitely am), you might be feline festive enough to be tempted by the newest Christmas trend for cats – Christmas Tree Beds.

Instead of climbing onto, and into, the meticulously decorated Christmas tree your mum’s spent 3 hours on, your feline can now have their very own festive ‘cave’.


Complete with soft decorations, your cat can feel included in the holiday fun without the risk of them destroying everything.

Starting at £17 on Amazon, the trees are not only adorable and festive, but provide a safe and comfortable environment. The cave-like design functions like a soft cat-house, with the top being removable for a more breathable and open alternative.

The bed also comes in a total of three festive designs. Choose between a pom-pom topper or more tree-accurate star, or even a giant Santa hat.


Bed, Bath & Beyond have even launched their own Tree pet cave. At £62, the bed is crafted complete of wool, providing a luxurious and spacious space for your cat to lounge after Christmas dinner. The material is complete with Lanolin, the natural oil unique to sheep wool that reminds cats of their mother. Even going as far to condition your feline friend’s paws, the cave helps to keep their fur healthy and shiny.

If even that doesn’t sound good enough for your pampered pet, you might want to turn to Etsy. For a whopping £141, the handmade tree bed from MeowFelt is meticulously decorated with felt decorations, tiny baubles  and even comes with a matching Christmas stocking.

The shop also has a number of adorable options for all different seasons. Be it the cute pumpkin especially for Halloween, or a cactus for the warmer months, before you know it your entire paycheck will be spent on niche cat beds.

But if you’re more of dog person (boo, hiss), you don’t have to miss out on the festive pet-based fun. H&M have recently teamed up with Pringle of Scotland to bring customers matching owner and dog winter jumpers.


For just £19.99 for humans, and £17.99 for pups, the key staples from the collection include a black and white sweatshirt embellished with the Pringle name.

“The collaboration with Pringle of Scotland, a brand with such a rich and impressive history, has been so much fun for the H&M design team,” Head of Design at H&M Maria Ostblom said in the line announcement.

We have re-worked the iconic argyles and jacquards to incorporate a youthful and sporty touch and I’m proud that we have managed to employ a range of recycled polyesters, wools and organic cottons.”

Shame you couldn’t get a cat in a jumper without losing at least one of your eyes.

So if you want to wish your cat a meowy Christmas, and avoid any kind of decoration cat-astrophe, these beds might be the purr-fect present for any fussy kitty.

Okay, I might be done with the puns.

Just kitten.