You Can Now Buy Halloween Costumes For Pets And They’re Adorable

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Published 08.10.19

So you can officially buy Halloween costumes for your cats and dogs, and they’re actually kind of adorable. I mean, the best part about Halloween is dressing up, and now our pets get to dress up too?!

I’ll admit, at first, I thought this was a bit over the top. Halloween has never really been a thing you celebrate with your pets, has it? Like Christmas, yeah, you buy them a present and wrap it up and put it under the tree – they even sell those stockings just for cats and dogs, with everything they could ever hope to get their paws on inside. But then I saw these pets dressed in their little Halloween costumes and that was it. I mean, they’re just so cute. It’s Halloween costumes for pets!!


What Halloween costumes are available for pets?

Bat Cat


For only £5.99, this Bat Cat costume by Legendog is the ultimate outfit if you end up in a last minute panic about what to dress your cat in (relatable). And don’t worry if you haven’t got a feline friend – this costume’s also suitable for small dogs. If that wasn’t enough to win you over, it comes with a pair of pumpkin bells you can attach to your pet’s collar. It’s a nice way to transition from Halloween to Christmas, if you’re one of those people who can’t bear that period of nothingness in between.

Pumpkin Dog

Legendog are at it again with the amazing Halloween costumes. I think this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Imagine a tiny puppy, dressed up as a little baby pumpkin – so adorable! By Legendog, this costume comes with a pumpkin suit and hat, and the thick corduroy fabric is described as soft, breathable and comfortable to wear. And it’s only £6.98! They also have a version for cats at the slightly higher price of £7.98, which is equally adorable.


Witch Dog

This witch costume by Leum Shop is complete with a cloak and wig hat, all for the bargain price of £4.86 – £6.21. I have to admit, the wig does look a bit like noodles, but I guess that’s all part of the effect – doubt witches spend very much time on hair care. It comes in a range of sizes, from Small to Extra Large, and is suitable for both dogs and cats (though I can’t imagine mine keeping that hat on for very long).

Wizard Dog

Okay, as a Potter fan this one is officially my favourite. Turn your home into Hogwarts this Halloween, complete with your very own magical pet – thanks to POPETPOP, they’ll even have their own hat and cloak! With a gorgeous gold pumpkin and spider web pattern, this is ideal for Halloween and reminds me a little of Harry’s invisibility cloak. The hat even has an adjustable drawstring to ensure it fits perfectly on your pet, and is described as durable and easy to clean. Prices start at £8.99.


Spider Dog

If, for some absurd reason, you want your dog to have four extra eyes and eight extra legs, this slightly horrifying costume can be yours for £25.99 – a bit expensive if you ask me, especially as they can only wear it once a year. Unless you like regularly dressing your pets up as spiders, which is a bit weird. This costume is truly terrifying with the neon orange fur, yellow eyes and hairy black body – what makes me laugh is that the picture has a rather small dog wearing this giant tarantula. If you’re going all out this Halloween, get this spider costume here.


Ride-On Skeleton Costume

B&M have proven experts at the pet-halloween-costume market which suddenly exists. For something a little more fun, this Ride-On Skeleton costume is only £5. It’s actually kind of cute – a tiny little skeleton riding on your dog’s back! It also comes in a witch, devil and skeleton version – so only £20 for four Halloween costumes. Change them throughout the day, wear them in the days leading up to Halloween, buy them in advance for next year – although then they always just end up in a cupboard somewhere, and you’ll find them like 2 years later when you’re having a clear out.


Devil Dog

Also available at B&M is this Devil costume, with black sequin horns and a scarlet cape, which is a steal at £4. Sizes range from Extra Small to Extra Large, so you’re bound to find one that fits your dog. This comes in pumpkin, spider and bat designs as well – in case you haven’t already bought the ones above, that is. The only problem is you can’t buy the B&M ones online – you kind of actually have to leave your house and interact with people. I know.

I think this is actually a new trend, so take your pick

Images via Amazon,, B&M.