You Can Now Buy Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream And It Looks Amazing

Sophie WatsonSophie Watson in News, UK
Published 24.08.19

I’ve always doubted how much you could do with a biscuit, except to dunk it in a cup of tea, but Lotus Biscoff are proving there’s an endless list of beautiful possibilities. 

We’ve had Biscoff & Go pots, topping sauce, spread and now ice cream?! That’s it, I’m cancelling my gym membership.

Whenever I’m out shopping, I always take extra care when looking at what delicious frozen treats are available in my local super market. I’m mostly a cheesecake kind of girl, but when I saw Lotus Biscoff ice creams in Morrisons I just had to put three boxes of them in my basket. I am unapologetically sorry.

Similar to the look of Cadbury’s famous Crunchie ice cream, this frozen dairy treat is covered in Belgian milk chocolate and caramelised biscuit pieces, to add an extra heavenly crunch to the Biscoff flavoured ice cream centre. If that doesn’t sound heavenly enough, the middle is also lined with the brand’s iconic spread, so you really are getting the full Lotus Biscoff experience in just one bite!

The combination of the crunchy and smooth textures made it impossible for me to not eat one after the other. It’s safe to say I need to stock up again.

You can find these mouth-watering deserts at Waitrose for just £3.89 for three, however people suggest that Tesco’s and Morrisons are also the places to look.

A post on the Facebook page Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK was made by bargain hunter, Holly Smith, where she announced the discovery of the ice creams and lots of people said they had spotted them in their local Tesco and Morrisons stores.

One user said: ‘Saves me doing a bowl of ice cream & crumbling lotus biscoff over it’.  (Why did I never think of that? Add some Biscoff topping sauce and you’ve created something there).

However, it was Twitter that had the first look at the dairy treats back in February, for anyone who wanted their freezer full and prepared for the hotter months. I wish I was one of those people.

As I say, Lotus are on a roll at the moment with their products, especially with their Biscoff and Go pots.


Imagine a Dairylea Dunker, only one side has delicious Lotus Biscoff  spread and the other has bread sticks for dunking in it. Mmmm.

When one delicious, mouth-watering, legendary snack leaves our shelves, another enters, and Lotus Biscoff pots are the perfect apology for every food product that’s ever been discontinued in the UK. I mean, they sound heavenly.

Where can I buy Lotus Biscoff and Go pots?

The tasty snack has been transformed into a portable ‘on the go snack’, and they’ve just launched in the UK, after only being available in the US – due to high demand from us hungry Brits.

The Biscoff & Go pots are expected to be available to buy from local convenience stores such as Spar and Costcutter over the next few months. Brilliant news for the one’s that live close to these stores. Not so brilliant news to anyone who has the Co-op as their local.

Images via Lotus Biscoff