You Can Now Buy Rainbow Christmas Trees To Brighten Up Your Home

Taylor WilliamsTaylor Williams in News, World
Published 03.10.19

So apparently these multi-coloured swirly tie dye rainbow Christmas trees are a thing now. When Bing Crosby sang “May your days be merry and bright”, I don’t think this is quite what he meant.

I’m just going to say it: I don’t like it. And no, I don’t love it either.


I’m always willing to embrace new trends, but when it comes to Christmas I feel like the traditional ones are the best. New songs never quite beat the old ones, and your classic evergreen fir trees have always been my favourite. So a rainbow tree just doesn’t scream “Christmas” to me. Not even in the slightest. In fact, it looks a little more like something I’d expect to see at a festival, or even a Halloween party if I’m  completely honest.

Nothing quite puts the ‘faux’ in faux-fir like a multi-coloured tree, does it? To be fair, it’s spectacularly bright and colourful, which I suppose captures the spirit of the season. But I do think that Christmas has its own festive colour scheme – red, gold, green – and then there’s this which just disgraces Christmas with yellow and purple. It also stands at seven foot tall, because if you’re being extra anyway you might as well go all out.

Rainbow Christmas tree

And if that didn’t put you off, it costs $239.99 (£196). Merry Christmas. I know Christmas trees can be expensive, but almost £200? Regardless of the cost, imagine actually paying to have this utter monstrosity in the corner of your living room. The only benefit, as with any fake tree, is that it wouldn’t drop needles all over the floor, but not having to hoover every day doesn’t really convince me to shell out £200.


What I’m also wondering is how you would decorate it, because usually a tree is like this blank canvas that you enhance with your lights and tinsel and baubles and whatever. Would you go plain silver to bring out the colours? Or would you just go for a full on explosion of multi-coloured baubles? Do you even decorate it at all?

The description states:

“Create your most vibrant and colorful centerpiece yet with Treetopia’s 7-foot Color Burst Rainbow Tree. Featuring vibrant, rainbow-colored PVC needles, this unlit Christmas tree has a full shape and makes for a cheerful display even without ornaments.

“Our colorful artificial Christmas trees are designed in sensational hues to celebrate Christmas in style and help you stand out from the crowd.”


Thank you to Treetopia for confirming that you do not have to decorate the tree (which is actually a bit depressing) and that it is, in fact, intended for Christmas.

It’s currently only available in America, so if you’re from America and you do actually want to buy it, head to Amazon, where it has received an array of 5 star reviews.


One customer said:

“It is the most amazing beautiful thing I have ever seen and it looks exactly like the picture brightness and all.”

Whilst another praised the tree’s vibrant colours:

“The colors are really bright and intense, and it’s full and robust once the branches are fluffed. It’s so beautiful I’m not sure we need ornaments! It was worth every penny, even without any lights.”

Someone else commented:

“This tree is fabulous! It is the envy of all my friends– they keep asking me not to put it away after xmas.”

I was honestly surprised by these reviews, I’ve got to admit. This is genuinely a popular product. I wouldn’t personally buy it – that much is probably obvious at this point.

Each to their own, I guess!

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