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You Can Now Buy Rechargeable Underwear To Keep You Warm This Winter


This winter, you have the choice of purchasing rechargeable heated underwear, and well, if I weren't worried the pants would pull a Samsung Galaxy on me and blow up, I'd definitely buy a pair.

My mother would fold my underwear and uniform when I was a small boy going to school in the cold and place them on the radiator for me in the morning. Lovely things.

Happy moments. Actually, I never said thank you to her for it. Maybe I ought to? These days, I have to put my own warm underwear on the radiator, and honestly? It is not equivalent.

That being said, it turns out that you can buy underwear that keeps you toasty all day long as long as you keep it charged. This is a pretty modern alternative to asking your mother to be kind and caring.

What's this, oh? It turns out I was mistaken because these pants are only available to those who have vaginas, and honestly, aside from keeping you warm, most of the benefits seem quite vagina-based.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/you-can-now-buy-rechargeable-underwear-to-keep-you-warm-this-winter/ by Dr. Felix Chaosphere on 2023-08-30T15:40:25.985Z

The battery-powered, rechargeable QQA Charging Smart Heated Pants have twelve-hour battery life and several temperature settings, including "winter warming," "palace cold," and "daily health."

The underwear's appearance as a humorous gimmick is also lessened by the product description on Amazon, which states that they can:

regulate menstruation, nourish the uterus, play an anti-inflammatory repair, scientifically regulate the uterus environment, effectively protect the health and fertility, especially suitable for uterine damage, gynaecological inflammation, cold infertility and unmarried cold after abortion Dysmenorrhea caused by uterine body due to palace cold.

Perhaps a heated jacket is the best option for you if pants aren't your thing?

Enter Ororo, a company that has created fantastically designed coats with built-in heaters and has them available on Amazon for you to purchase in time for the upcoming chilly months.

They cost $140, so they're not cheap, but they do have heating components that are powered by a rechargeable power pack that fits in the inner-left pocket and are located near the chest and mid-back.

Black heated jackets
Black heated jackets

There are three different heating settings available, and the power pack can also be used to charge your phone if staying toasty isn't your thing.


The heating works extremely swiftly and doesn't get stuffy, which was something I was actually turned off by. Ororo claims that the battery will last for eight hours while in use. The reviews are quite positive.

The jacket, which is offered in both male and female sizes, is also wind and water resistant, which is really convenient.

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