You Can Now Buy Shimmering Blood Orange Gin For The Perfect Halloween Cocktail

Sophie WatsonSophie Watson in News, World
Published 16.09.19

Home Bargains has always been a favourite shop of mine, mostly because everything in there has a very modest price. But now that I know their alcohol section is catering to my favourite time of year, well I think I’ll be needing two baskets the next time I go. 

The nation has gone gin mad, and now Home Bargains are joining in all the fun with their exclusive Blood Orange Gin Liqueur,  thanks to The Manchester Drinks Company. Not only does the name of the gin scream Halloween, but it’s also got a shimmery blood orange hue… the most Halloween-y of all colours.


I have to buy it!

For a 500ml bottle of this distilled, zesty gin, it’ll set you back just £8! Perfect if you’re throwing a Halloween party, or if you just need something to make you feel festive.

Richard Benjamin, Director at Manchester Drinks said: “We are so excited to have expanded our range of gin liqueurs with the addition of Blood Orange Gin. 


“We aimed to create a high-quality yet affordable gin that could be enjoyed as the main ingredient to a fruity cocktail, or on it’s own over ice.

He added: “With its notes of citrus bursting through to create a beautiful tangy flavour and the deep autumnal orange appearance, we’re sure the Blood Orange Gin will be a great addition to the autumn drink scene and a real talking point over the Halloween period.”

Can you imagine how good this would be as the main ingredient to a spooky Halloween punch? Just pour the gin into a big cauldron, add another spirit of your choice, before putting in lemons and oranges for that extra citrus flavour and choosing your mixer. I’d personally choose lemonade.

Don’t wait around too long to grab a bottle though, as this amazing gin edition is only going to be around for Halloween.


Fortunately for you gin lovers, this isn’t the only new gin release we know about…

Beefeater Gin have came out with their own super fruity blackberry flavoured gin, described as having hints of juniper and citrus including a “long rich finish”. Doesn’t that sound delightful? Can you imagine how good it would taste in a big gin glass, filled with ice and ripe blackberries? I’d probably sprinkle a few blueberries in there too just to treat myself even more… 10/10 perfection.

You can get your hands on the good stuff at your local Tesco, or online for just £18.99 for a 700ml bottle. Another brilliant deal.

If you’re a big fan of sweet tasting gin, you’ll also be happy to know that Aldi have released Marshmallow Unicorn Gin and Tutti Fruitti gin. The marshmallow one is my favourite and for just £9.99 a 50cl bottle, you can’t say no. Who doesn’t want to come back home after a long day at work, pour themselves a large glass of marshmallow tasting gin and relax all evening? There’s nothing better!

I was already excited about Halloween, but now I’m actually counting down the days…

Images via Manchester Drinks Co/Beefeater/Aldi