You Can Now Buy Wine Stockings To Give Yourself A Very Merry Christmas

Sarah O NeillSarah O Neill in News, World
Published 20.11.19

Have you ever wondered why Santa is so jolly? Or why red and white is his favourite colour?

Well if your parents were like mine, and told you to leave something a little stronger for Saint Nick then milk, these stockings might be for you.


Made for perfect placement over a festive fireplace, the aptly named ‘Santa Flask’ is available for all of you already on the naughty list.

Where can I buy it?

Available from gifting website CoolStuff for just £16.99, the stocking promises to be perfect for a Christmas party, or for Christmas present games. And with the stocking holding up to 2.25 litres, or three bottles of wine, it’s likely not to be a silent night.

Made of BFA-free plastic and easy to refill (which is useful after 2.25 litres of wine), the stocking is said to be quick to rinse out and used again for your next Christmas party.


With an opening large enough to allow you to insert ice cubes, the drinks possibilities are endless, if you’re not partial to a glass of red or white. Be it eggnog, baileys, or even whiskey, the flask is great for never having to move far from the sofa while watching the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special.

If you need a smaller alternative, for some reason, a £9.95 option is now on Amazon. And with plenty of rave reviews, it’s unsurprising it keeps selling out. So be quick!

One user wrote that it was “Perfect for the wino who has everything”

Another noted it’s multifunctional appeal:

Who doesn’t like getting drunk when you have to spend the holiday with your in-laws?

“Now you do it inconspicuously with this festive Santa flask. Listen to pops snore on the couch during the game and drown out your wife in the kitchen yelling at her mom after a few sips.

“Perfect size to get you through an evening.”

Pretty glad I’m not at this guy’s Christmas, but I am glad he’s got the Santa Flask to help him through it.


A user with a completely different Christmas experience said:

“Got this as a gift for my mother on her boat and she loved it.”

Hopefully she’s not going sailing after drinking all of that.

But if you’re looking for a tipple to fill your flask with, Eden Mill might just have you covered.

Looking for a way to spice up the ol’ mother’s ruin, the distillery have recently introduced their  Candy Cane Christmas Gin, available now for £29.95.

Or that’s not enough gin to get you through the festive season, Eden Mill are also now selling their (in)famous 12 Gins Of Christmas.

The gift set comes presented in a gloss red presentation sleeve and contains twelve 5CL miniatures; six gins and six gin liqueurs. Featuring the Candy Cane gin, the box also offers a number of adventurous flavours. With Chilli and Ginger snap gin, Caraway and Black Pepper gin, and Baked Apple Cinnamon and Salted Caramel Gin Liqueur available, it’s a pretty perfect replacement for your bog-standard advent calendar.


Don’t worry though, if you’re the designated driver this year, a number of pubs are now offering drivers free soft drinks over Christmas!

Greene King and Coca-Cola are teaming up to gift all those extending their Sober October a soft drink or alcohol-free Heineken. All you need to do is flash your keys at the bar staff, and promise to stay away from the booze, and you’ll be given your voucher for a free drink.

So after drinking the entirety of a Santa Flask, and passing out in the back of your friend’s car, it’ll be nice to know they’re at least getting a free drink out of it.