You Can Now Deck Out Your Front Door With This Incredible Buddy The Elf Christmas Wreath

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Published 01.10.19

If you don’t like Christmas, you’re a Scrooge. If you don’t like Elf, the cult classic starring the one and only Will Ferrell, you’re a cotton-headed ninny-muggins.

But if you are actually a fan of both, like Erica Dutton, you will be pleased to hear that Etsy is retailing a festive wreath bearing the hilarious face of Buddy the Elf in preparation for this year’s Holiday Whobilation.


By the way, I hope you’re all marvellously impressed with how many Christmas references I managed to cram into one opening paragraph.

At $75 (£61.42), this unique wreath is already in-demand and selling out fast. Ms Dutton’s CustomDesignPress, who retails via everyone’s go-to craft site Etsy, crafts the wreaths by hand (I mean why wouldn’t they?) so they’re styled to perfection.

Check it out:

The wreath measures approximately 18″ by 26″ and is made using decorative mesh for the permed brown hair and green elf suit, complete with a hat of gold and red foam feather.


According to the product description on Etsy, Ms Dutton has been had to start taking pre-orders to cope with the demand for the wreaths.

And yes, in case you were wondering, it is only October 1 today.

‘Please understand that I will be working on orders as they come in,’ Ms Dutton writes, noting that it may take two to four weeks for a wreath to arrive after an order has been placed.

buddy the elf christmas wreath

Though it sounds like an arduous task, Ms Dutton is more than happy to spend the next two months working hard on the wreaths in the run-up to Christmas. According to an interview with PEOPLE, Ms Dutton divulged that her urge to make the wreaths stems from her unwavering love of Elf and the joy it still brings to millions of Christmas celebrants across the world.


‘Christmas is my favourite season of the year!’ she said. ‘I wanted to make something that truly captures a childhood memory of watching Christmas movies.’

For those poor souls who have still not got around to watching Elf, the film tells the story of a human, Buddy, coming to terms with the fact that he is not biologically an elf, despite growing up with the mythical creatures in the North Pole. Travelling to New York to find his birth father, Buddy tries and fails to fit in with modern society with cringy yet hilarious results.

The release of these wreaths coincides with the impending 16th anniversary of the film, which makes me feel really old seeing as I remember watching it in the cinema when it first came out. Last year I managed to introduce my six-year-old brother to the classic one-liners, even if the only one he really understood was ‘Son of a nutcracker!’

Ah, the joys of being young.