Beer that is created using urine sounds too gross to be true, but it’s part of a technique used by Danish brewery Norrebro Bryghus.

Pisner beer not only has a clever name, but it also has an interesting brewing method. Norrebro Bryghus is using urine collected at music festivals as fertiliser for its malting barley. Yum.

Whilst urine is used instead of traditional fertiliser, the resulting product is a 5% unfiltered lager that no longer contains  actual urine. The beer is apparently delicious and 50,000 bottles have already been produced.

The minds behind the beer have stated that they would actively encourage all festivals to use the urine of the attendees in order to make beer as it has a delicious end product and puts the waste to good use.

One of the founders of the drink stated, “I think that it just shows a new way of brewing beer, you know, I think that we as a people need to think different.”

With a large amount of stock, it will be interesting to see if consumers begin taking an interest in the product or whether the origin of the fertiliser will put them off. Perhaps, the best root would be to sell the beers at festivals and have the system come full circle.

Nonetheless, this seems to be an ingenious idea despite the thought behind it not being too appetising.

Pisner is available from Norrebro Bryghus. Check out the video here

Images via Ruptly