You Can Now Finally Get Greggs Delivered To Your Home

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 25.06.19
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Finally you can get Greggs delivered to your home… or somewhere other than your home.

It only took about 500 years, but we can finally say that you can get a Greggs delivered to your house in what could be the best news that the United Kingdom has seen we found out that Prince William And Kate’s wedding gave us a day off work.

It’s been a pretty rubbish ride for the UK with news over the last few years. The politics has been a mess, we’re only ever really let down by international sporting competitions and for some reason, TV comedy has been sh*t here lately.

greggs now deliver

But now we have a silver lining in that thick layer of cloud, as the mercurial fast food venue Greggs have finally started rolling out delivery across various cities in Britain.

Listen, I know I could have said “sausage rolling”, but I’m absolutely glad I didn’t.

Anyway, the Greggs delivery comes courtesy of both Deliveroo and Just Eat and I think we all know which one we’ll use if we have the choice.

deliveroo greggs

I could have met the perfect girl and things could be going excellently. Fifth date and I’m back at hers. Things are going really well, if you know what I mean. You don’t want to do too much “exercise” on an empty stomach though, so she says “Do you want to get some food in?” I say “Sure, sounds cosmic (I’m very cool).”

She get’s up to collect her phone and right in front of me opens the Just Eat app. I’m out of there quick as a flash. She’s probably an axe murderer. Just Eat?! Get outta here…

With that said, the applicable cities of Glasgow, Bristol, Birmingham, London, and Newcastle are shared between the two delivery companies, with Just Eat taking London, Glasgow and Newcastle and Deliveroo handling London, Birmingham, Bristol and Newcastle.

Essentially, sorry if you’re from Glasgow.

just eat greggs deliver

Has anyone seen that terrible Just Eat billboard at Clapham Junction station that reads “when the train announcer says Waterloo Station, but you hear Double Cheese burger with Bacon… did somebody say Just Eat?!” or something like that. Awful awful awful.

They don’t sound remotely similar and what do you mean “did somebody say Just Eat”? You literally just said what the train announcer said and what you misheard it to be. Awful.

Right I’m done talking about Just Eat and I think I’ve given you all the facts you need to know about Greggs delivering.

Just in case…

Do Greggs deliver? Yes they do!

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