Boozy Uno is now a thing and I imagine that will make a lot of people very happy and even more people very drunk.

Look I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never played the game, but I am a big fan of drinking and can get on board with most things that incorporate that.

Don’t get me wrong, I had one of the red Uno machines that would spit cards out, but I never used it for anything but pressing the button to see flying cards. Very much like I had Mouse Trap but never actually played it – I just set the trap off several times.

I feel like now might be the time for me to get involved with Uno since drinking is now part of it, thanks to one seller on the website Etsy.

Spriinkle Me Piink is the seller in question who came up with the majestic game Drunk UNO.

The rules are as follows:

• Draw 2 – one shot
• Draw 4 – two shots
• Reverse – the person who gets reversed takes two shots
• Skip – person skipped takes a shot
• False Uno – three shots

Seems like there’s a lot of shots going on. More or less for everything.

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The set you buy from Sprinkle Me Piink will include:

• 1 Box of Uno Cards
• 1 Laminated Rule Card
• 6 Customised Uno shot glasses (glitter is extra)
• 1 Customised Drunk Uno Carrying box (boxes will be personalised with your name)

I’ll be honest, it sort of seems like you could do this with a normal deck of Uno cards but if you have the money, then why not support someone’s business for coming up with a fairly good idea.

The reviews are pretty great, including:

Thank you so much!! I love it! Definitely looks like a lot of effort was put into it and it was packaged super nice as well!


I love it! The packaging is very lovely and I love the shot glasses. It arrived very quickly, I can’t wait to use it this weekend.

Images via Hasbro, Esty