You Can Now Get A Cadbury’s Creme Egg Trifle And It Looks Insane

Joseph FurnessJoseph Furness in News, UK
Published 07.01.20

We’re seven days into the new year and Cadbury is already forcing Easter on us.

It’s a good job I love a Creme Egg.

That’s right, Creme Eggs are already in every Tesco, ASDA and Sainsbury (and most-likely in every other major British supermarket), and although it feels wrong to be indulging in the gooey delight already, I’ve got to admit I will find it extremely hard to resist plonking one into my basket next time I’m shopping.


To help resist this urge I’m thinking of giving the chocolate for lent (there’s irony to be found in this, I’m sure of it).

How will I survive without the egg-shaped confectionary for six whole weeks?

By stocking-up on Cadbury’s Creme Egg desserts instead.

I’m talking a trolley full.

What desserts?

Cadbury Creme Egg trifles.


Who knew these existed? Not me, even though they’ve been released for two years in a row!

Creme Egg trifle


Tell me more about the Creme Egg trifle…

OK, but before I go on I must inform you that ‘Cadbury Creme Egg trifle’ isn’t the pudding’s official name (even though, technically speaking, that’s exactly what it is). It’s actually titled Cadbury Layers of Joy sharing dessert.

Sharing. Yes, I know.

Don’t worry, we’re going to talk about it.


I, a fellow Brit, know exactly how you just reacted to the word ‘sharing’. Us greedy folk actually see the word ‘sharing’ as the beginning of a challenge; a challenge to see if we’re able to consume the whole thing in just one sitting.

creme egg trifle

What’s in a Creme Egg trifle?

Check out the official description:

“a layered sharing dessert with Cadbury milk chocolate dessert, chocolate mousse, chocolate chip cookie and fondant dessert with a creamy topping.”


Essentially, the top of the dessert is based on the yolky inside of a creme egg and the bottom half on the chocolatey flavour of its shell.

I bet it tastes even better if you mix it all together.

I know, I’m such a child.

All I need now is news that they’re bringing back the White Chocolate Creme Egg Hunt. (When I said I was going to give up Creme Eggs, what I meant was I’m planning to give up eating them – not purchasing them.)