You Can Now Get A Colin The Caterpillar Birthday Hamper Delivered To Your Door

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 13.05.20

A Colin the Caterpillar birthday hamper could soon be yours, as the iconic Marks and Spencer sweet treat is being turned up to eleven.

A birthday party isn’t a birthday party without a Colin there and that for the most part includes the competitor alternatives, such as Asda’s and Waitrose’s.

colin the caterpillar

The Colin the Caterpillar overhaul, as you might have expected, comes courtesy of Marks and Spencer, and not some annoying third-party company that charges premium prices for something that usually costs pennies; like those awful companies that sell foreign chocolate bars for £10.

With that said, this hamper doesn’t come cheap, but it does come with a cake, vegetarian Colin the Caterpillar gummies, a balloon and a canvas bag.

Marks and Spencer hamper

I can’t help but feel like if you bought all of these thing separately, they would set you back around £10, but I don’t know, it’s still nice.

That’s not it though, because if you’re not into Colin, then you might like the Happy Birthday Rainbow Cake hamper…

This luxurious buttercream-coated cake is sprinkled with colourful hundreds and thousands and comes with a bottle of blush pink Casa di Amello Rosé Spumante. Again, not cheap this one, coming in at £30.

Meanwhile, there’s the Chocolate Happy Birthday Cake package for £10 which seems more reasonable.

The delicious chocolate fudge cake is covered in milk and white chocolate, with a Happy Birthday message and the thing that makes it a package is that it comes with a pack of candles.

What’s not to like? You always forget to buy candles when you’re sorting out someone’s birthday cake, don’t you? Very foolish behaviour that’s akin to buying a birthday card and forgetting to pick up an envelope. It’s literally free and yet I forget all of the time.

There’s no excuse. I can sanction that buffoonery and yet I do it consistently to the point where I just stopped buying people birthday cards.

Save yourself a problem and get one of the hampers.

Images via Marks and Spencer