You Can Now Get A Device That Stops Your Partner From Snoring

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Published 18.06.19

Now you can stop snoring with this little nose device from Amazon.

I always knew I snored. I’d been told before and I once woke myself up snoring, but I was never aware of how much I actually did it.

But then recently Josh Rogers told me about this alarm app he has called Sleep Cycle, which monitors your sleep and wakes you up in a time parameter that suits you when you’re at your lightest stage of sleep, meaning you don’t wake up all groggy.

amazon stop snoring

Great, right? Only sort of. It turns out that for literally no reason, on the part where you can assess your sleep pattern, there’s a tap that lets you listen to various soundbites of you snoring. I gave it a look out of curiosity and yeah, I wasn’t happy.

I assumed my snoring was more or less a one or twice-a-week kind of thing. Nope. Every night. I’d be a horrible boyfriend.

With that in mind, it might be worth investing in one of these things.

amazon anti snore device

The anti-snoring devices that can be found in many places – but here’s the link to the Amazon one – claim to fully stop snoring and the reviews are pretty good.

The issue is, these are things that you have to stick up your nose and you know, if you’re trying to stop snoring, it’s because you want to be better for the person you’re sharing the bed with. I don’t want to make any assumptions, but having some big ol’ blue plastic block in your nose as you sleep wouldn’t be a great look.

Morning sex would definitely be off the cards if you wore that for even a second after your partner woke up. Everyone in the world is shallow and you know it.

how to stop snoring

More about the thingy though; with its activated carbon air filter and sponge air filters, surrounding air is purified of dusts and harmful gasses, which means it helps to alleviate asthma.

So less asthma and no snoring. What more could you ask for? Ten million pounds? I don’t know, maybe Amazon also sell that. Have a look.

I just checked and they don’t.


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So how do I stop snoring? Looks like you should get one of these Mivyy things. Or sleep on your side? I think that’s a method…

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