You Can Now Get A Giant Inflatable Buddy The Elf This Christmas

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Funny, News
Published 03.10.19

You can have your very own giant inflatable Buddy the Elf this Christmas and if that isn’t getting you in the festive mood, then nothing will… or you’re me.

It’s come up twice in conversation between my girlfriend, her family and myself that I’ve never seen Elf.

Both times it came up, everyone around the table shouted at me like I’d just kicked their dog – who happens to be a lovely gentleman – and then insisted that I absolutely have to watch it.

buddy the elf christmas inflatable


I imagine I will watch it at some point, in the same sense that one day I’ll probably relent and watch one of those awful teen-romance-dramas that Netflix keep shitting out, but not yet.

Certainly not outside of advent.

For those of you who have seen Elf and will allow yourself to get into the Christmas spirit, though, perhaps you’re already contemplating what decorations you might have in and around your house for the upcoming festivities.


The usual applies, obviously (trees and shit idk?), but what if you want to go a bit left of field? What if you want people to know what your favourite Christmas film is as well as letting them know that you’re also aware it’s Christmas?

Well then you’re in luck, because there now exists an inflatable Buddy the Elf outdoor decoration and it’s huge.


The inflatable is available from Target and will set you back $50, which last time I checked was around £3.26. Buddy is currently sold out on Target’s website, but if you’re willing to sleep outside the shop doors, Apple launch-style, then you’ll probably run into one at some point.

if that’s not enough, you can also get a magnificent Buddy the Elf wreath.

buddy wreath elf


At $75 (£61.42), this unique wreath is already in-demand and selling out fast. Ms Dutton’s CustomDesignPress, who retails via everyone’s go-to craft site Etsy, crafts the wreaths by hand so they’re styled to perfection.

The wreath measures approximately 18″ by 26″ and is made using decorative mesh for the permed brown hair and green elf suit, complete with a hat of gold and red foam feather.

You’ve got to admire the craft, in a way.

Images via Esty, Target