You Can Now Get A Heated Blanket For Your Car

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, Weird
Published 12.02.20

This seems dangerous.

I’m often driving between London and Oxford and London and Southampton to visit my girlfriend, depending on where she is at the time, and the amount of times I think I’m about to fall asleep is enough to convince anyone I shouldn’t have a car.

It really is startling. I can’t have coffee – not to be crass, but it goes right through me – and doing things like opening the window or turning the music up load remain ineffective.

I may as well embrace the tiredness. Get a heated blanket and snooze down the M4. That’s Post-Brexit Britain for you.

But heated blankets plug into the mains. Cars are getting all sorts or mod-cons these days, but I don’t think wall sockets are are included.

Luckily there’s a new way around this, with heated blankets for your car being invented and sold on Amazon.

They’re pretty cheap, retailing at $7-a-piece (which probably means delivery to the UK costs £1,000,000) and if you’re not sure if you need one, rest assured that you don’t.

Then again, no-one needs anything apart from food, water and warmth.

Read the description:

This is an ideal and stylish 12 volt electric blanket for your car, truck or SUV in cold days. Stitched from 100% polyester fleece this electric blanket is comfortable, functional and safe and will keep your seat warm when the mercury drops.

Keep passengers comfy on long trips with the electric blankets generous size 100x 140cm. Use the electric blanket to wrap yourself up when the temperature drops or be the toast of the tailgate party. Store your electric blanket in the handy plastic storage case.”

Right, yeah. Don’t use it when you’re actually driving. That would be very stupid and restrictive.

It’s mainly for passengers or if your wife’s kicked you out of the house.

I joked earlier about it being unavailable in the UK, but you can get it here on Amazon for £14 with free delivery.

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