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You Can Now Get A Mini Jacuzzi For Your Balls


You can now have a hot tub for your testicles, and if you're not intrigued, there's something wrong with you. I believe I was taught that the reason testicles hang freely outside the torso is so that they can stay cool at all times.

Something to do with keeping the ol’ sperm healthy and cool, right? With that in mind, if having kids isn’t your bag then this testicle hot tub could be just what the doctor ordered (just what the doctor told you to stay away from).

It is what it says, really. A hot tub for your balls. It looks funny, it is sort-of funny and what’s more, apparently it’s not supposed to be funny, as the Testicuzzi website explains:

“This is not a gag gift, it is an actual product, but if you want to buy it for a friend we’ll let you call it a gag gift for men.“

The website expands an the law and lore of the Testicuzzi, informing us that is was originally dreamt up in a funny conversation between friends, before it more or less got out of hand and actually happened:

“What started out as a funny conversation between friends a year ago, quickly turned into a conversation of ‘We Should Totally Do This!’ The Testicuzzi was conceived in a conversation about Dating, Drinking and Random Trends.”

The group then set to making a prototype with a 3D printer – I swear everyone but me has one of them – and went about various tests, making sure it was absolutely perfect.

The website goes on:

“Multiple variations of the Testicuzzi were printed and tested to insure product quality and proof of concept. Images of product testing will be left to the imagination.“

A drawing that holds the word "features"
A drawing that holds the word "features"

The features include:

Ergonomically Cast For Comfort Ultra soft Silicone Headrest Sealed Water Tight Emits Relaxing Air Bubbles Battery Powered for Convenience and Mobility Perfect.

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