You Can Now Get An Easter Egg Made Of Cheese

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 13.03.19
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Cheese Egg.

Let’s call a spade a spade here; it’s an egg of cheese. I’m not messing about, dancing around the point; we’re talking about a block of cheese in the infallible shape of an egg. It is what it is.

A cheese egg, and if that’s not your bag then you may as well just click away.

I’m angry about this egg of cheese. This orb. It’s struck a nerve in a profound way, even though it’s provided a perfect alternative for someone who’s not really in to sweet things, i.e. normal Easter Eggs.

God. Cheese egg.

Coming courtesy of Sainsbury’s, this Cheaster Egg – or as they call it the Cheesalicious Easter Egg, despite my name being objectively better in every way – comes at the low, low (reasonable) price of £5 and, apparently, holds the title of the world’s first cheese Easter Egg.

That race has finally been won. All of the scientists can now get back to trying to cure cancer and the things where your shoelaces get too frayed to thread through the holes.

But here’s a little titbit to ruin the fun illusion; while the chegg is by no means hollow, it is spreadable, which is sh*t.

The egg, made from cheddar, can be spread across anything you like, including the oatcakes provided in the box, alongside the chutney that’s also provided.

Sainsbury’s cheese buyer Emma Garve said of the abomination:

We’re always looking for new and unique products to offer to our customers, especially during gifting periods throughout the year when people are on the lookout for something special to give their loved ones.

The Cheesalicious Easter Egg seemed like an obvious and exciting choice to expand our Easter egg offering and cater to cheese aficionados nationwide. The egg is truly delicious and we can’t wait to see the response from our customers.

I mean, fine. That’s just fine. Get yours come the tenth of April.

Enjoy your egg.

Enjoy your cheese egg.

Images via Getty, Sainsbury’s

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