You Can Now Get Cadbury Dream Bars Back In The UK After They Were Discontinued

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 04.06.19
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After they were discontinued for reasons beyond the comprehension of the mortal man, Cadbury’s Dream bars are now available to purchase in the UK again… sort of.

Cadbury’s Dream bars were a pretty fun addition to the Heroes selection box. No one was displeased when they got one – unlike the all but like three chocolates in the Celebrations box – and in a world where Milkybar reigns supreme in the white chocolate genre, it was nice to have a little bit of choice.

With that said, I’m not sure people actually ever really bought Dream bars. Like I say, they were decent in Heroes, but a whole bar of the stuff? Maybe a bit too sickly.

cadbury dream bars buy uk

I do miss it though and it’s true what they say, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. I want a bar of Dream and I want to remember what it’s like when my biggest problem was whether or not playing football at lunchtime in my socks would get them too soggy to be comfortable for the rest of the school day.

Well it turns out that people over in the UK can enjoy the delicate taste of Cadbury Dream, thanks to South African website Sanza.

Now, you may already be familiar with Sanza; they provide people overseas with the chance to enjoy the fruits of South Africa, New Zealand and Australia and, for me, is one of the only places I can buy VB beer. Yum.

get cadbury dream bars in uk

Well now they’ve branched into the Dream world, as Dream bars are still being sold in some parts of the world.

Annoyingly, they’re not even slightly cheap, coming in at around £5.50 for a 200g bar, but obviously I’m not suggesting this as an alternative to buying normal chocolate from Tesco every time you fancy something sweet. You know, once a month can’t hurt.

Get yours here, if you want…

Just start selling it here again, Cadbury. Please.

Images via Cadbury, New Line Cinema

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