You Can Now Get Chocolate Benedict Cumberbatchs And Ryan Goslings For Easter

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Published 27.03.19
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There’s definitely a straightforward answer to this question that I could find out with a quick Google but I’m still going to ask here…

Why can’t Easter be on the same day every year like Christmas, Bonfire Night or my birthday? It’s confusing and especially pointless. This goes for all of that kind of thing actually; Pancake day, the other one… pick a day.

I’m really digressing. I don’t know when Easter is – 21st of April, apparently – so I suppose you have a while until you have to buy your eggs and such.

But there’s so many eggs out there now – you can get one made out of cheese and one that comes with gin – so how do you make sure yours is special?

It’s obvious, it’s it? You get it in the shape of Benedict Cumberbatch’s face and if you’re vegan, you get it looking like Ryan Gosling.

Honestly I’m surprised it’s taken you this long to work that out.

For the Cumberbatch option, you have his lovely face sculpted on the body of a rabbit, complete with a bow tie and rabbit ears. Just like the real Cumberbatch.

Made with Belgian chocolate, the 400g Cumberbunny will set you back a cool £40. The description reads:

The limited edition white chocolate ones come with an edible 22 carat gold bow-tie, super special Cumberbunny for Oscar night!

He will spring from his white warren box with a beautiful orange ribbon and sealed in a cellophane bag for freshness.

Every Cumberbunny is individually hand made and finished by hand and no two bunnies are the same. Sometimes you can see tiny air bubble blemishes which arise naturally when hand moulding chocolate. Due to the detail on these amazing chocolate sculptures this is unavoidable. Please bear this in mind.

And of course, the Gosling.

Annoyingly, the Gosling is limited edition, and there’s only 100 to go around. The flavours include white chocolate, milk chocolate, and a vegan dark chocolate, with gold leaf feet…

Say hello to the latest contender for the tastiest chocolate celebrity animal mash-up from the Chocolatician Team-
The Gosling!!!

That’s right, now you can have your baby goose and eat it with this beautifully hand sculpted/moulded Easter treat (there are a limited edition of 100 being launched for Easter 2019) they aren’t just for Easter though, we are pretty sure Ryan is loveable all year round.

Gosling will also set you back £40 and you can (probably not) get yours here.

Just two charismatic actors as chocolate treats. What’s not to love?

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