You Can Now Get Greggs Christmas Jumpers

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Published 25.11.19

Christmas is on the way, which means now is the perfect time to invest in a Christmas jumper essentially advertising Greggs or everyone’s favourite depressing documentary maker.

Unless they’re made purposely ugly, I genuinely believe that Christmas jumpers are actually very nice. That sort-of nordic pattern with maybe a reindeer thrown in is lovely and the idea of them being branded “ugly Christmas jumpers” upsets me.

As mentioned though, some are made purposely ugly so they can be bought for someone on Christmas, they can wear it for the day and then never again because it’s not Christmas anymore. Good times.


I’ve never been into them, myself, but one of these really could sway me. I’m a terrific fan of Greggs.

Where can I buy Greggs Christmas jumpers?

Bought to use by Not Just, these new jumpers pay homage to everything that’s caused a stir in 2019 and as well as kitting you out with a very distinctive look, they also help out a good cause.

The jumper aren’t cheap, coming in at £39.99, but Not Just have guaranteed that they will be giving £50,000 minimum from their profits to Save the Children. How lovely.


david attenborough christmas jumper

The designs are in their plenty, with the likes of David Attenborough making an appearance, alongside Fleabag, Louis Theroux, Greggs and, annoyingly, Brexit. Had to be, didn’t there?

The Greggs one sort of does it for me, I’ve got to say. I would feel slightly weird about being what is essentially a walking billboard in some kind of festive uniform for the workers, but it’s just a good jumper.

fleabag christmas jumper


Those colours. They work.

Actually, on a slightly related note; we all know that Greggs’ colours and blue and orange, but why was the branch on the Stand in London black and orange for so long? Was that part of their fancy range? I don’t think they sold anything a normal Greggs doesn’t. Can anyone answer that for me? Please?

louis theroux christmas jumper

Speaking of Greggs and Christmas, rather unsurprisingly, their Christmas menu is now available to buy…


Causing a lot of excitement in particular is the addition of pigs in blankets tubs, featuring the classic pork cocktail sausage wrapped in streaky bacon- a mouth-watering feature to many of the nation’s Christmas dinners. A tub of the cosy pigs will be yours for £2.25, which I suppose is just fine.

greggs pigs in blankets

There’s also a pigs in blanket-filled baguette for £3.00, topped with a sage and onion stuffing and a cranberry and port sauce. Nice.


The Festive Bake makes its long-awaited return too, with chicken breast, sage and onion stuffing and sweetcure bacon in a creamy sage and cranberry sauce.

Be there.

Or don’t. Do what you want.

Images via Greggs