You Can Now Get Matching Dressing Gowns For You And Your Dog

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Funny, News, Weird
Published 11.03.19
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In December I had the pleasure of sharing a hotel room in Barcelona with my protegee and bane of my life, Joshua Rogers.

He’s a surprisingly perfect roommate, since he’s a silent sleeper, doesn’t make much mess and we could speak about the things that mattered in life; football, Pokémon and whether or not I would pull that night (I wouldn’t).

The highlight may have been when we were both wearing the hotel bath robes, lying on our beds and having some minibar water. It’s the little things that set hotel life apart from home life.

You just cannot beat wearing a matching dressing gown with someone you like, and I genuinely think there’s only one way you could improve on that…

Wearing the same dressing gown as your dog may be the purest joy any one person could possibly experience and it’s in reach now more than ever since a company on Etsy has started selling matching dog-and-person bath robes.

The Posh Paws Company are the wonderful people responsible and genuinely, they’ve done an excellent job.

Annoyingly, the robes aren’t sold in sets, and you’ll have to buy one for your dog and yourself separately and they do not come cheap.

A human robe will set you back between £37 and £47, where as one for a mutt costs between £21 and £30. So I don’t know, £77 for what is essentially an ironic luxury seems a bit much.

If you want to look extra suave, though, you can also get the robes monogrammed with yours and your pet’s initials.

Obviously if you have a pet and £77 that’s just taking up space in your pocket, go for it. I have neither but if I did… boy oh man…

Images via Etsy