You Can Now Go On A Mystery Christmas Market Getaway For £89 With Return Flights

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Published 07.10.19

You can book your Christmas market getaway nor for just £89-per-person.

Christmas is pretty far away but I sort feel like I’m contactually obliged to say “Whoa boy Christmas is on the way… feels like it was Easter only last week!”

Christmas market’s are disproportionately popular for what they are, aren’t they?


I mean they’re fine, sure, but once you buy your styrofoam cup of weak mulled wine with a stick of cinnamon that pokes you in the eye in it and a bauble that will shatter on your journey home, there’s only so much fun to be had.

christmas market breaks cheap

If you go to a good one though, they’re usually German-themed for some reason and that means two things; lots of beer and lots of dark meat. I’ve gotten to the point (fOr ThE eNvIrOnMeNt) where I try to only eat dark meat once or twice a week, so that’s exciting for me.


The good news is that while Christmas market’s are for the most part extortionate, cheap and far away, at least for these particular ones, it’s cheap to get there.

Thanks to Groupon, you can be paying as little as £89 per person to get to and from 27 destinations across Europe for Christmas festivities and the like…

christmas market holiday

Rather excitingly, you book the trip through Groupon without actually knowing where you’re going. You spend the cash and then they let you know which lovely destination you will be travelling to for your two nights abroad.


The destinations involved are pretty great, and include the likes of Berlin, Frankfurt, Rome, Florence, Prague, Budapest, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris.

While a coupon will cost you £89 for a two-nigh trip valid from Sunday to Thursday, one that will see you abroad Friday and/or Saturday will set you back £129. On top of that, you have to buy the vouchers in twos.

christmas market europe cheap holiday

No travelling alone, I’m afraid.


The prices go up to £129 and £149 if you want to be away for four nights, rather than two.

If you’re into this, you only have eight more days to buy your trip and once you do, there’s no cancellations or changes allowed.

Also, the only dates you’re allowed to go are between 20th November and 20th December…

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