You Can Now Have An Official Pokemon Themed Wedding

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Published 31.05.19
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Quite tacky, this.

In news that will please, god I don’t know… my niece? You can now have an officially licensed Pokemon-themed wedding.

Now I presume that in the past you could have had a Pokemon-themed wedding regardless of the licensing legalities, but now you still can, this time with a certificate of authenticity.

ESCRIT, a Japanese company specialising in wedding ceremonies has teamed up with The Pokemon Company to bring you the wedding that you so desire, in the form of a normal wedding but with full-grown men in Pikachu outfits flanking the alter.

Weirdly, the Pikachus are dressed as a bride and groom even though it’s very poor form to show up to a wedding and upstage the wife like that.

On top of that – as if you could want more – there’s food. Now, I don’t what this is, but it looks sweet and has a print of Pikachu’s arse on it, so I’m guessing it’s a dessert. Perhaps a pancake in a bowl, if there is such a thing?


On top of that, there’s a different type of dessert that comes with Pikachu’s face in dusted chocolate and by the looks of things, a Poke Ball made entirely from icing. Could be a macaroon.


There’s then the wedding cake – another dessert – which comes with a plaque that looks like it’s made from icing, decorated with two ceremonial Pikachus and the pretty weird phrase that no-one has ever said “HappyWedding”. Not a typo from me there, it’s one word.


The legalities are even Pokemon-themed, with the wedding certificate also having Pikachus on it. There’s over 800 Pokemon and all they’ve done here is ctrl+C ctrl+V on Pikachu. cmd if you have a Mac.


I’ll be honest, I think this theme was the groom’s idea, here. She doesn’t look happy, does she?


But yeah, whatever floats your boat. There’s more pictures on the website so go nuts.

Images via The Pokemon Company, ESCRIT

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