You Can Now Make A Kebab From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 09.04.19
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Every Friday/Saturday, I have a terrible kebab.

I never enjoy them and I never even touch the chips I order alongside, but that’s part of my weekend routine now so I can’t break it.

I go on a night out with my mates, we stumble into a kebab shop afterwards, my friend insists that I love my kebab swimming in chilli sauce, the shop-owner jokes around with his ladle of sauce hovering over my kebab, I half eat it, we go home, we pass out.

That’s Fridays, baby. And I wouldn’t change it.

But sometimes I’m not around for one of those weekends with my friends and obviously I’m not going to go out alone. But as it turns out, there are something I can do alone, and making a doner kebab is one of them.

Thanks to Daniel James, you can now get a machine that cooked a kebab for you, just like you get in the shops. Like I say, kebabs are never nice – so maybe don’t get one for that – but you can also make rotisserie chicken with it. Swings and roundabouts.

Now, last week I wrote about a pizza oven that slides over your BBQ for the very reasonable price of £39, but this little beauty comes in at £20 more. That’s right, you mathematicians out there know it; £59(.99).

Now, that is pretty cheap for what you get and sure, I’d cook a lot of chickens on that bad boy but as for the doner part, where does one purchase a slab of doner meat?

I get most of my stuff from Amazon. Could I get some meat from Amazon? I doubt it.

Imagine having that and the pizza thing. That would be fantastic.

With that said, both of these have all of the hallmarks of something that you buy, use once or twice, and then store away forever, only bringing it out a couple of times when it comes up in conversation.

I really want one of those kebab machines…

Oh we have one of those. Look…” *gets kebab machine that’s inexplicably kept by the washing machine and the Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker*

Oh nice. Any good?

Yeah it’s great. You can make anything on it…

You should make dinner on it tonight!

Oh no, no. It’s hassle to setup and a nightmare to clean. Another time though. For sure.

That’s just life.

You can get yours here, if they’re still in stock…

Images via Daniel James, Getty

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