You Can Now Pre-Order A Life-Sized Baby Yoda

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Entertainment, Film, TV
Published 31.01.20

You Can Now Pre-Order A Life-Sized Baby Yoda For A Small Fortune

The Mandalorian was the best Star-Wars related thing in years, only usurped by the little critter that made watching it that all the more pleasurable.

Yes, the Darksaber reveal during the series’ final episode will have the nerds talking, but for you and I, we care about one thing and one thing only: when can we get our hands on a lil baba Yoda, or “The Child” as Disney insist on us calling him.

Here’s a true story: my girlfriend’s never seen Mando, but she’s obsessed with Baby Yoda memes.

Every day she sends me incessant memes about that force-sensitive youngling (who’s actually about 30 years older than me), and the only way I’ve been able to stem it has been to promise buying her a toy.

This might well be it.

Speciality manufacturer of pop-culture collectables Sideshow has unveiled a frighteningly life-like Baby Yoda figurine is available for pre-order – and, naturally, their website immediately crashed following the announcement (via Collider’s Steven Weintraub)

The toy stands exactly as tall as the televised creature, which is apparently precisely 16.5 inches (1ft 3in) tall, and basically every aspect of it looks nearly perfect compared to the show, right down to the huge eyes and adorable peach fuzz on top of his cute lil’ head.

“Inspired by its unique onscreen appearance, this mixed media statue features a tan fabric coat swaddling The Child as it gazes up with charming wide eyes, hiding the silver shift knob from the Razor Crest in its right hand,” reads the official description.

Here’s the downside.

You know there’s a downside, right?

It costs $350 and objectively that’s far too much to pay for a toy. (Apparently the figure used in the show cost upwards of $5 million after all expenses were taken into account.)

If this is too much for you to pay, which, let’s face it, it probably is, Build-a-Bear are doing their own version which is fortunately more affordable.

The custom plush toy company have announced that in time they will be selling their own takes on the character officially known as The Child, with CEO Sharon Price John announcing at a conference in Orlando:

“I’m excited to share we will be one of the first companies to provide the digital and internet phenomenon who is trending higher than all the presidential candidates combined.

Sadly no official photos exist, but this one is floating around Twitter where you can sort of see him…

I’ll probably just go for that one.

She won’t even know the difference.