You can now rent an inflatable Irish pub and what more could you want for the tail-end of summer?

I don’t think I’ve been to country yet where I haven’t seen at least two Irish pubs.

No matter where you go, someone’s gone there and set up a shamrock-themed drinking hole and it’s a pretty surreal experience to be in the tropical sun, only to walk into a fairly dark, windowless tavern.

You know how racists say that mosques and halal butchers are taking over? It’s the Irish pubs that you should watch out for (not that you should at all be worried with integrating cultures).

But what if you don’t want to walk two minutes in literally any direction to get to your nearest Irish pub? What if you want one right then and there, in your garden, serving horrible horrible Guinness?

Well it turns out that providing you live in Boston – which presumably rules most of you out – you can have that.

That’s right, courtesy of the chaps at The Paddy Wagon Pub, you can rent the stellar inflatable Irish pub… again, only if you’re in Boston, the place that seems to believe it’s more Irish than Ireland.

To the inflatable pub’s credit, it does actually look pretty cool and can apparently hold up to 80 people. Let’s be honest though, if that’s going by tent law then it can hold five people max. Oooohhh this tent sleeps four people! Bollocks does it. I can hardly get my wellies in there.

On top of the huge alleged capacity, the inflatable Irish pub also comes with a working bar, staff and booze, so you don’t need to run to the shops when you’re 24 pack of Carlsberg inexplicably doesn’t serve the 79 people you invited over.

The Paddy Wagon Pub will even create a custom drink menu, provide food service and traditional Irish music at your behest, so providing you have the money, you could be in for a legendary garden party.

It would be handy if you could get this service in the UK since you can never account for British weather, but then I suppose you could just rent a gazebo and a stocked bar separately?

I mean no-one’s doing that anyway, are they?

Just get drunk in the park alone like a normal person.

Images via Getty, Paddy Wagon Pub