Yes, you read that right. The perfect gift for that awkward person in your life: A Fudgeina (pronounced very similarly to vagina)

You can send anyone, anywhere, a tasteful fudge rendition of genitalia. Lovely!

Your thoughtful gift can be sent anonymously or with a personalised message. The creators of the Fudgeina also have the genius tagline: “Give your friend the gift of masticating a vulva!”

The Fudgeinas were created in January 2019, due to a distinct lack of edible vulva on the market. You can choose from pure chocolate or a strawberry fudge flavour.


If you really want some festive fun, treat yourself or someone else to a Fudgeina advent calendar.

What better way to count down to Christmas than eating a mini sugary vulva every day. Your friend won’t know they’ve received two dozen genitals until they open the first door. Lucky them. If you buy it as a gift, from the outside it looks innocent enough and – dare we say it – even quite classy.

Christmas isn’t the only occasion Fudgeinas are good for. The company also created a creme egg one for Easter, and a love heart one for valentines day.

They also do wax melts too. Don’t try to eat those though.

If you want to send your friend a vagina, you can do so from the official fudgeina website.

Will you be giving someone a Fudgeina this Christmas?

Images courtesy of Fudgeina.