You Can Now Stay In An Airbnb Where It’s Christmas All Year Round

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, Weird
Published 23.09.19

It’s Christmas all year round in this lodge that you can now rent on Airbnb.

Christmas is fast on the way. Only yesterday I wondered into a Lidl with my girlfriend to but some Choco Thins (because I miss Cadbury’s Snaps) and I was immediately greeted by a whole host of festive products.

Ridiculous. Halloween or Bonfire Night haven’t even been yet and already I’m being goaded into buying one of those Christmassy Italian bread-cakes.


I’m not happy about it!

With that in mind, this Airbnb lodge entirely isn’t for me, as it’s seemingly Christmas all year round there.

Nestled in Ozark, Arkansas – Southern US – the holiday-themed lodge called The Christmas Cabin is available on Airbnb for only $89-a-night.


Apparently it sleeps up to eight people comfortably, with its two bedrooms, two bathrooms and lodge with three single beds.

Jim and Karen describe the cabin as:

The Cabin is rustic meaning rusty metal, barnwood, and a vaulted ceiling with lots of wintery things hanging on the walls (sleds, ice skates etc.) and possibly some dust.

This translates to:


If you’re not careful, you’ll get tetanus at worst and splinters at best. There’s lots of clutter hammered to the walls that we can’t be arsed to wipe down.”

With that said, it does actually look quite cool.



I like how there’s two unicycles in there. Tape them together and you get a bike.

Too Christmassy innit?

Images via Airbnb