Thinking of going on holiday any time soon?

Perhaps you’ll want to consider visiting a tropical island, with it’s own rescue centre for adorable dogs.


I’m usually not fussed about where I go on holiday, as long as it’s somewhere hot where I can relax and have a good time. However, if you tell me I can go to an actual tropical island and visit a doggie rescue centre whilst I’m there, I will 100% be going. No questions asked.

There is a rescue centre on the Island of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, where cute dogs called ‘Potcakes’ live. ‘Potcakes’ are a mixed-breed dog that can be found in the Bahamas.

There are many homeless dogs that live at the Potcake Place (the rescue centre) until they are adopted and are taken back to a loving home.

A spokesperson for Potcake Place said: “We want to point out [this] is not an excursion. It’s not a day trip like a pony trekking trip … I want them [dogs] to start getting used to having a little collar on, a little harness, used to different people. So one day I want them out with a family with little kids. The next day, I want them out with a big guy.”


The organization has also been working to bring in volunteer vets to spay and neuter older dogs, to prevent their population from growing too much.

They continued “There’s no need to put these little puppies down. Let’s adopt them out and let’s stop them being born in the first place, and it all comes down to education, and that’s what we’re trying to do every day.”

It’s really sad that some dogs don’t have owners, but luckily for these adorable Potcakes, they are being well looked after at Potcake Place. I hope that each and every one of those lovely dogs get to join a loving family in the near future.

If you’d like to visit, or adopt, then don’t hesitate to visit Potcake Place’s official website for more information.


Who wouldn’t love to visit?!

Images via, Facebook and PuppyToob