‘You’ Season 2 Will Reportedly Land On Netflix On 30th December

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Published 13.09.19

It’s been a while since everyone lost their collective minds over various good-looking serial killers.

Zac Efron’s Ted Bundy sent the internet into meltdown with his portrayal of the killer in Shockingly Wicked, Evil and Vile, while Penn Badgley also got hearts throbbing with his character Joe Goldberg in You. 

The Netflix series essentially follows a man, Joe (played by dreamboat Badgley) who falls in love with a girl and uses his knowledge of social media to stalk her and simultaneously make her fall in love with him. He subsequently ends up doing some very illegal/terrible things and in general, he’s a massive bad egg.


We’ve known that second season was coming for some time, and in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, 32-year-old Penn said filming was much tougher than before, specifically because he had to do some pretty grim things.

He said: “There are some things I’ve done with prosthetic bodies in this (new) season that were kind of nauseating as I did them, I will say that.”

When it will land on the streaming service has been anyone’s guess, until now that is, as Netflix may have accidentally leaked the release date.

The unfortunate slip-up occurred in a tweet from the streaming giant, where they listed the number of sleeps for viewers until the return of some of their favourite shows.

The tweet, which has since been deleted, read:

you season two release date


When is You season 2 out?

If the leak is anything to go by, it would mean that the second season of You will land on December 30th 2019, 110 days from the time the tweet was posted.

That means that the number one stalker-drama show of the year could be returning in a matter of months, just in time for the close of the year.


For those who are interested, it also means that The Witcher will arrive on Tuesday, December 17th.

What happened in You season one?

Due to the sheer controversy caused by the show’s content, I find it hard to imagine that anyone still walks the earth not having seen it.

The first season followed an aspiring writer Guinevere Beck, who is commonly referred to by her second name, Beck. Being a lover of literature, Beck ventures into a book store one day (as we bookworms usually do), where the store manager is one Joe Goldberg, portrayed by Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley.

Goldberg becomes immediately infatuated with Beck after their first encounter, and it soon becomes apparent that he will do anything (and everything) to be a part of her life, including all things creepy and psychologically questionable.

beck you season two netflix

This includes him stealing her lost phone, where he is still able to view her online activity from her new phone all thanks to iCloud. And that’s not all; Joe’s desire to be in Beck’s life as her boyfriend is only fuelled by jealousy towards those already in her life – from her original boyfriend Benji, to her best friend and occasional enemy Peach Salinger.

Joe deems these people unworthy of Beck’s love and friendship, which in all honesty he is right about, considering their toxic, self-involved natures.

However, he takes this evaluation a step too far, deciding to murder Beck’s careless boyfriend, and also killing her best friend Peach.


As the season goes on, Joe becomes even more determined to secure a place in Beck’s life, but the result sees nothing but tragedy.

How did You season one end?

The final episode saw Joe become completely consumed by darkness. In a key scene, an already-suspicious Beck finds a collection of hidden items stashed by Joe above a loose ceiling tile, which his young neighbour Paco says is a “good place to hide things”.

This includes Benji and Peach’s phones, as well as Beck’s lost phone, her underwear, and also a more gruesome discovery of a jar of human teeth, seemingly from his first murder victim Benji. Realising his game is over, Beck soon becomes trapped in the basement of the bookstore, where Joe contains her in the same glass sealed box he kept Benji in for days before killing him.


Sadly, there would be no hope for this heroine- as after finally escaping from her entrapment, Beck doesn’t reach past the basement door as Joe comes up from behind her and breaks her neck.

We then see Joe burying the body, and in a clever subplot he pins the death on Beck’s therapist Dr.Nicky, who he previously found out Beck was having an affair with. The very end of the last episode saw the entrance of Candace- a former love interest of Joe’s who miraculously managed to escape his clutches. She says “I think we need to talk”.

Will Beck return in Season 2?

Weirdly, she might.

It was Penn that hinted the possible return of his on-screen love interest Guinevere Beck  will return for of number of flashback sequences.


Speaking to ETOnline, the former Gossip Girl star revealed: “There’s a revisitation of that [the murder] with Joe in the second episode of the second season, where you get to see a bit more of the hard reality of what he did to her.

“Whereas you’re sort of, for better or worse, mercifully saved from seeing that in the first season. That always haunts me, thinking of Beck. It’s like ‘You really did that in the first season, and we’re still going, and people really like this guy?!’ That’s disturbing.”

“In his mind, she’s not even dead. I’m not giving you some kind of spoiler, she’s dead. In his mind, everyone’s still alive because the pain that he feels he suffered at their hand is very much still alive.”

What will happen in Season 2?

Well, I’m guessing we’ll find out why Candace has returned to town.

But the second season will also see Joe find a new love interest, fittingly named Love Quinn.

With the second season set to be “gorier and scarier” than season one, it looks like we’re in for another twisted love story and only one question remains: Will Love Quinn become Joe’s next victim?

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