You has managed to terrify and grip viewers with its focus on a villain and his dark path to get what he wants. Two new characters may now stand in his way. 

The end of Season 2 of You placed protagonist Joe and pregnant Love in an idyllic house, but even at this resolve drama seemed to be around the corner. It seems Joe had an interest in an attractive neighbour and many fans expect the season to dive into this relationship further.

Given that Joe seemingly managed to dispatch those who opposed him in previous seasons, the cast will need revitalizing and it seems that Netflix has been on the case. Today it was announced that two new actors would be joining the cast, and they may be familiar to those who enjoy a good television series.

Shalita Grant, who has appeared in shows such as Santa Clarita Diet, NCIS and Search Party will be entering the fray as a two-faced character. While newcomer Travis Van Winkle, who some will remember from Instinct and The Last Ship, will act as a wealthy man who befriends Joe.

Initial reaction to these cast additions has been positive, but it is clear that the fanbase wants to see the third season of the programme sooner rather than later.

Anticipation is clearly building for the next season and it will be interesting to see how these characters add to the drama.

Let’s see if they survive the season!


Image via Alamy