People in China are going to desperate lengths to keep themselves protected from Coronavirus

Face masks are in short supply in China, so people are making do with the likes of plastic bottles, plastic bags, motorcycle helmets, fruit skins and even bras.


People in China are going to desperate lengths to keep their faces covered, as the Coronavirus threat continues to grow.

Face masks are in short supply in many Chinese cities

Legitimate face masks are in such short supply – as the demand for basic medical equipment rises – that people in China are resorting to using everyday objects as replica face masks, to keep themselves protected from Coronavirus.

I don’t want to be that journalist that gets everyone riled up by screaming “apocalypse” in an article in the midst of an epidemic. And frankly, I don’t need to, because some of the photos doing the rounds on social media right are doing that for me. They’re bizarre, they’re desperate and they’re frightening.



People are having to use helmets, fruit skins and bras instead

Images of people wearing replica face masks made from plastic bottles, plastic bags, motorcycle helmets, fruit skin and even bras are appearing online. Here’s a selection that have made their way to The Hook

In this image an entire family can be seen covered in giant plastic bags, while queuing at an airport.


In this snap from Twitter, a family can be seen walking through an airport with giant plastic bottles covering their heads.




And i think we all know what that is.


Coronavirus: what is happening?

The recent outbreak of Coronavirus originated in the city of Wuhan, now just one of the Chinese cities cut off from the rest of the world, in a bid to keep the virus from spreading. It is believed that a Wuhan seafood market where wild animals – like bats and snakes – are traded illegally, is the source of the outbreak.

As of this evening (Thursday 30th January 2020), at least 7,711 people have been infected with the virus and 170 have been killed by it in China.

British airways temporarily suspends all flights to and from China

Yesterday, British Airways announced that they have temporarily suspended all flights to and from China as fears of the Coronavirus, may spread to the UK and elsewhere. Other airlines are expected to follow suit.


These makeshift masks are a serious sign of desperation

I think when pictures of people desperately trying to keep their faces covered with bras and giant water bottles start spreading during an epidemic, it’s probably time to worry as a planet.

The reality is, this virus is moving fast, and the world is struggling to keep up with its movements. First and foremost, the priority should be keeping the people close to the epidemic safe and well. It might seem quite comical – looking at all these replica face masks – but in reality, this is desperation.

People are doing what they have to do. If I was in the same position, I’d be the first to strap a bra to my face to keep myself protected – and I haven’t gone near a bra in ten years.

My thoughts are with anyone in any way close to this nasty f**king virus, right now. Stay safe. 

Myself and the rest of the editorial team here at The Hook will continue to keep you in the loop. 

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