You’ll Soon Finally be Able To Get Delicious Cadbury’s Caramilk In The UK

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 07.10.19

Soon you’ll be able to procure some delicious Jamie Caramilk in the UK and if you don’t consider that good news, then that’s probably because you don’t like Caramilk, you don’t know what it is, or you don’t care.

Any of them are fair enough, really, and thank you for clicking on this regardless. That ad revenue is paying for my acrimonious drinking habit. You’re an enabler.

What is Caramilk, Alfie? I hear you ask. Could you give us an extensive, yet succinct history on this specific product, not only to fill the word count, but also to remind us why we clicked?



Cadbury Caramilk is an allegedly “delicious” blend of white chocolate and caramel, made into a chocolate bar the colour of the water when the ice mets in the dregs of your iced coffee.

cadbury caramilk in uk

It was first sold in Canada almost 7o years ago and made its way onto Kiwi and Australian shores, before being discontinued in the mid-nineties.


People were not happy with this, despite clearly not buying it enough when it was in stores, and many years later in 2018 it was brought back to Australian and Kiwi stores for a brief amount of time.

Though the bars initially retailed for a modest £1.69, single squares of the stuff starting being sold online for up to ten dolleridoos, which is frankly bizarre.

The craze eventually died down and everyone returned to living their lives peacefully, but now they’re back and available in the UK come this very day (7th October).


GB Gifts are stocking the chocolate for a whopping £6.99 per 180g bar, but bearing in mind that it is coming from the other side of the world, maybe that’s not so bad.

No fuck that, actually. £7 for a bar of yellow chocolate is extortionate, especially considering you have to pay an extra £1.99 for delivery.


You can get yours here if you, no offence, are an idiot, or if you know someone on their deathbed whose last wish it was to eat a Caramilk bar.

I literally cannot think of any other reason.

What happens if it turns out you like it? That’s chocolate ruined for you then because it’s not like you can get one of these in as often as you’d like.

Images via Cadbury