Have you got a dream to be a film star? To enter big the big exciting world of Hollywood? Well stop being selfish and imagine how your cat(s) feel! They have dreams too you know!

Asda are currently looking for a new furry friend to star in their new Christmas advert – exciting times.


It’s time to start training your feline friend(s) to be the creative they were always meant to be. You never know, this could be the start of something new for them, and in turn, be an absolute cash cow for you.


Honestly, some are going to hate and say “oh God another Christmas advert starring an animal to guilt people into shopping,” but it’s Christmas, lighten up.

The role will reportedly see the cat display their wide-ranging personality, from grumpy and sullen to jubilant and joyous – emotions we can all relate to, especially around Christmas time. Although I don’t see why they should be grumpy? Who’s grumpy on Christmas? It’s such a joyous and merry time. Food, drink, company, Christmas movies. I don’t see where the grumpiness comes in, unless you’ve ever tried to make Christmas dinner for 20 people.




Eilidh Macaskill, Vice President of Creative and Media at ASDA, said:

“We want to make this Christmas the most extra special Christmas yet, so we’re pulling out all the stops to ensure we bring a little magic to screens, with the help of Mr Grumbles.”

Auditions have already begun in Harrogate, Yorkshire, so be quick to enter your kitty if you want the Christmas dream to be fulfilled. Who knows, Asda today, John Lewis tomorrow. Your cat could be the face of all kitty Christmas’s.

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The role is open to all cats, any shape, size or colour. There are no limits to the vision that is to be Mr/Mrs Grumbles.

If you think your furry feline would be the best, you can send a picture of them to ASDA on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #MrGrumbles. The casting director will then select the perfect Mr Grumbles from the submitted headshots – before shooting the advert later this month.



The next big question is who’s going to have the best Christmas advert of 2019? Last year Iceland took the crown as they raised awareness of deforestation as a result of the production of palm oil.

Unless there’s another advert which shows the realness of the world, there’s a good chance an advert about a cat will be my favourite.

Now I’m going to sign my cat up to become the face of Asda and await the beginning of the (always way too early) Christmas adverts.

Images from Asda and Instagram