A posh YouTuber has revealed he is running for Mayor of London.

His reasoning for going for the job? ‘Just to get more votes than Laurence Fox’.

Max Fosh is a 25-year-old YouTuber with more than 300,000 subscribers. He posted a video online of him with all of the required documents and a cheque. Fosh confirmed that his name would be appearing on the ballot.

So who is the competition? Well, he’s up against current mayor Sadiq Khan, as well as Shaun Bailey, the infamous Laurence Fox, and 18 other people.

Max said: ‘I would like to officially add my name to the ballot list for the next London Mayor just to get more votes than Lawrence Fox.

‘Who do you think would win? A political party with £5million of backing or one YouTubey boy with a few hundred thousand subscribers.’

He added ‘London is my home. It’s a great city. It’s full of wonders. David Beckham’s right foot. David Beckham’s left foot for that matter.

“A Posh Bloke”

He continued: ‘But why? Why do I want to run for Mayor of London. Well, historically there’s always a posh bloke on the ballot so I thought I’d fulfil that quota.

‘But on this occasion I’m not alone. A chum who went to the same school as me, albeit not at the same time, Laurence Fox, is also running to be London Mayor as part of his new political party, the Reclaim Party.

‘He’s also got about £5million in backing. Both Laurence and I are as qualified as each other to be London Mayor. I think we both competed in the sixth form debating society.’

‘But Laurence is running on a ticket that’s all about your freedom to speak. It’s a good policy. Speaking is important.’

‘So I’m going to do a little bit of speaking now to say this. I would like to officially add my name to the ballot list for the next London Mayor just to get more votes than Laurence Fox.

‘See you on May 6 Lawrence.’

“A Very Gracious Winner”

We had a chat with Max to find out what makes him tick – and what his plans are if he wins.

What would he do if he beats Laurence? “I would be very gracious” he laughs. “I’d be a very gracious winner, I would shake his hand if he’d take it. I’d say “well played old chap, well played.”

Seeing as Max is more well known for YouTube stunts, it doesn’t seem like politics would be his strong point.

What would his first plan be as Mayor?

“The first thing I would probably do is say a swear word, as it would be absolutely a dreadful thing both for myself and the City Of London if I did become Mayor of this great city”.  Well, can’t fault him for honesty, can you.

“The first thing I’d do as Mayor is try to find someone vastly more qualified than me to basically do my job,” he says.

Previous Stunts

Fosh has made headlines before. Last year, he had his CV and a QR code put on top of a car which he then parked outside the BBC in an attempt to get a job. He did receive a reply, and a lot of grumpy tweets about privilege.

He also became the first YouTuber to buy a roundabout. That one happened when he paid £500 for a patch of grass, known as a ‘verge for habitat’.

This wasn’t any old patch of grass though, this bit was opposite Changing Rooms star Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s home in Gloucestershire.

Laurence Fox

So what about Laurence? He set up the Reclaim Party last year to fight the ‘culture wars’.

He insists if he wins as mayor he will  ‘offer a voice to those being dominated into silence.’

Of his plans, Mr Fox told The Telegraph: ‘I am standing for London Mayor. With almost all older and vulnerable people having got their jab, I want the lockdown lifted straight away.’

Funding his campaign is ex-political donor Jeremy Hosking. He ranked number 351 in the Sunday Times’ 2019 Rich List.

He was dropped by his acting agent last year after several high profile twitter spats.

Fox hit back at those he said were ‘falsely accusing him of racism’. He did this by making unsubstantiated claims that they are ‘paedophiles’.

He later backtracked: ‘I have deleted the tweets posted yesterday, in response to being repeatedly, continuously and falsely smeared as a racist.’


Of course, we had to give Max the last word. Does he see a potential blossoming friendship between him and Laurence?

“I mean, sure, why not? Who says there isn’t a friendship right now,” jokes Max.

“Yes, he’s ignoring all of my emails for a debate but that’s beside the point. I’d love to go for a chat with him, and learn a little bit more about this needle phobia that he has despite all the tattoos,” he says pointedly.

“I’m always there for a friendship.”

Image via Instagram/@max.fosh