Zac Efron took part in Earth Day! The Musical with Bill Nye but some fans felt that the actor looked different.

Zac Efron became a star after appearing in High School Musical. In the years since his initial fame, the 33-year-old actor has appeared in numerous films and also hosted his own television series on unique areas across the world.

The actor recently appeared on Earth Day! The Musical with Bill Nye via Facebook, an event designed to draw attention to climate change and the challenges facing the world.

However, some focused on the fact that Zac Efron’s face looked different. This led to some distraught fans who were clearly attached to the looks of Efron.

The response

Some fans could not believe that Efron had changed over the years and took to the internet to discuss the matter. The actor was musclebound and in screenshotted images appeared to have a wider set jaw.

One fan wrote, “I refuse to believe this is Zac Efron.”

Another added, “I woke up and zac efron got botched wtf im so devastated.”

Someone who had clearly taken the situation personally noted:

“I just found out about this and I am literally crying, there are actual tears coming out of my eyes please tell me it’s all just a nightmare please zac efron has been the my whole life.”

There were even some unusual comparisons.

Positive reception

Others stated that they still liked the appearance of the actor. One commenter wrote, “people should leave him along he still looks gorgeous” and another said, “he still looks DAMN good!”

Among these supporters were fans who were keen to defend the actor.

While opinion on the actor’s appearance is clearly divided, it has led to deeper discussions about how people discuss appearances.

Concerns about what was said

Some fans have now spoken about the power of words. One Twitter user wrote:

“Since yesterday, there has been lots of tweets about Zac supposedly having plastic surgery because of a random photo from a seven second clip when he is the least likely celeb to get any kind of surgery. The photo was obviously edited. The right pic is not. #weloveyouzacefron

“Next time you make a certain celebrity trend just because they look different to how you last saw them, think about what kind of effect this could have on them. Zac Efron is more than his looks, he is a talented actor with feelings and past struggles. #weloveyouzacefron

Many noted that these kinds of trends about a person’s appearance can be damaging.

Another Twitter user apologised for their previous joke:

“Normally I would just delete a harmful tweet and keep it moving but I think I should take time to apologize for my tweet about Zac Efron. It was never intended to shame him, I quite stupidly tried to comment on how he looks different at different angles, but it isn’t how it read.”

Let’s hope Efron hasn’t taken these jokes to heart.

Images via Alamy