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93-Year-Old Grandma's Reaction To Ex Death Goes Viral


The 93-year-old grandma's reaction to ex death goes viral making her an internet sensation. Lillian Droniak, a 93-year-old grandmother from Shelton, Connecticut started in collaboration with her grandson back in November 2019. Her quirky and light-hearted TikTok videos have gained widespread attention, prompting many to admire her spirit and humor in handling life's ups and downs.

93-Year-Old Grandma's Viral Reaction To Ex's Passing Captivates Online Audience

Droniak's digital journey began over a decade ago when she and her grandson ventured into video creation on YouTube. The duo initially established their TikTok account as a playful addition to one of their YouTube uploads, never expecting it to gain momentum. However, fate had different plans, thrusting Droniak into the spotlight of TikTok fame.

In a recent TikTok clip, the spirited grandmother extended an invitation to her followers to join her as she paid a visit to her former boyfriend's grave.

With a touch of humor, she captioned the video, "Happy birthday Bruce, I hope you're slaying in peace."

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The video showcased her getting ready, applying makeup, and dressing up before setting off for the cemetery with a bouquet of flowers.

As she readied herself in front of the camera, Droniak shared:

Get ready with me to visit my ex's grave. Today's his birthday, and I want to drop off some flowers! Of course, he was a water sign... but sometimes I do miss him. He was a good kisser! Can't forget the blush! I slay while he lays. He loved this color. He cried like a baby when I dumped him... So I'm going to wear baby earrings. Look how cute they are!- Lillian Droniak

She then humorously revealed her attire, a vibrant ensemble comprising purple trousers and a striped purple and pink t-shirt, playfully adding,

I'm bringing him fake flowers, so they don't die like him.- Lillian Droniak

The scene transitioned to Droniak strolling through the cemetery, saying,

I made it to the cemetery. Happy birthday Bruce!- Lillian Droniak

The video struck a chord with viewers, amassing a staggering 1.8 million likes and an impressive 16.7 million views. Admirers flooded the comments section, expressing their awe and amusement.

92-yr-old grandma dresses up, puts on makeup for her ex-boyfriend's funeral. Video is viral

One viewer wrote, "Grandma Droniak, I wanna slay like you when I get older." Another chimed in, exclaiming, "NOT THE BABY EARRINGS," while a third cheered, "Slay grandma slay every day."

Last year, Droniak once again tickled the funny bone of TikTok users with her tongue-in-cheek "funeral rules."

In a video, she humorously disclosed her three guidelines for her future funeral attendees.

Listen up: you can cry, but don’t cry too much – don't make a fool of yourself. Bertha is NOT invited. Don’t let her in. And you’d better get drunk afterward. Take a shot for me!- Lillian Droniak

The response was overwhelming, with laughter-filled emojis dominating the comments section. Fans embraced her straightforward approach and her playful take on the inevitable. Droniak's sharp wit was evident when someone asked if it was permissible to be "drunk during" the funeral, to which she simply responded, "Sure."

Amidst the hilarity, intrigue also brewed regarding the mysterious Bertha. Commenters pleaded for a backstory, with one user writing, "WE NEED STORY TIME ON BERTHA PLEASE!!! WHO IS SHE AND WHY ISN'T SHE INVITED!?" Another jestingly remarked, "If Bertha shows up, there will be two funerals."


Lillian Droniak's candid and lively presence on TikTok has struck a chord with people of all ages. Her ability to tackle life's twists with humor and grace has not only brought laughter but has also inspired many to embrace the journey of aging with positivity and spirit. As her videos continue to spread joy and amusement, Droniak remains a beloved figure in the digital realm.

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