Updated: Jan 25, 2022

This Interview With An Inbred Family Is Incredibly Disconcerting And Creepy

An inbred family is typically associated with some creepy weirdos from up in the mountains who are cross-eyed and have few teeth, which is pretty much exactly what you'll get in the following video.

Here's Why Former Disney Star Bella Thorne Made A Porn Film For Pornhub

Bella Thorne, a former Disney princess, is making her directorial debut on Pornhub. With "Her & Him," the actress, author, and singer has joined the Visionaries Director's Series on the porn site, which will also be presented at The Odenburg Film Festival in Germany from September 11 to September 15.

80 Year Old Woman Dating 35 Year Old Toyboy Leaves This Morning Fans In Hysterics Over Filthy Sex Comments

This Morning viewers were stunned when a pensioner revealed graphic details of her sex life with her Egyptian toyboy. Her lover has now married her. When they met on Facebook last year, Mohamed Ahmed Ibriham, 35, took British grandmother Iris Jones, 80, from Somerset, off her feet, and she rushed to Egypt to be with him.

8 Hilarious Urban Dictionary Entries That Make Absolute Perfect Sense

Slang words have the power to take root in our culture faster than ever before because to the internet. While some words have tremendous lasting power, not all of them will survive the test of time.

Woman With The World's Fattest Vagina Shares Shocking Pre Surgery Photos

Plastic surgery has hazards, and it is up to the patient to determine whether or not they are willing to incur those risks in order to appear the way they want to look. With plastic surgery being somewhat of a fad right now, it appears like everyone has undergone some type of cosmetic surgery, whether it's subtle cheek fillers or a breast enlargement that will give you double Ds in a matter of hours.

Bargain Retailer B&M Have Launched A New ‘Friends’ Collection And It Looks Like Perfection

New 'Friends' stuff is now available at B&M, one of our favorite places to shop. When you're looking for something to do, nothing beats going shopping and scooping up some bargains.

People Think The David Attenborough Boat Looks Just Like Hulk Hogan

Do you recall Boaty McBoatface? When we all united together to give a new boat the most obnoxious name ever, it was simpler, more brutally British times.The boat has a face now, and it's named Sir David Attenborough, which is still extremely British but less obnoxious.

An Immersive Peaky Blinders Festival Is Coming

This summer, London will host a new immersive Peaky Blinders event called 'The Rise.' Although little information about the event has been released, they have posted a message to the show's official Twitter account inviting viewers to join up for a mailing list to learn more.

Man Creates Guide On How To Watch The Irishman As A Miniseries If You Find It Too Long

It's already being picked for Oscar triumph in 2020, thanks to a superb cast that includes old Scorsese favorites like Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Al Pacino, and Harvey Keitel. However, if there is one slight complaint among Netflix viewers – and it is a minor one - it is the film's relatively long run time.

Love Islands Demi Accused Of Faking Feelings For Luke M In Bid To Stay

Demi Jones and Luke Mabbott enjoyed a hot and heavy snog after being set up on a date on last night's Love Island, with some serious tongue action. Demi has been kicking her heels waiting for her bombshell since she was dumped by Nas Majeed for newcomer Eva Zapico at Casa Amor.

Road Rager Threatens To Break Man’s Kneecaps, Gets Knocked Out Within Seconds

An enraged driver threatened to break a man's kneecaps, but was knocked out by two quick punches to the head. It's interesting how fights in movies appear to drag on for a long time.

Thousands Sign Petition To Replace Confederate Statue With Chadwick Boseman Memorial

Following Chadwick Boseman's untimely death on August 28th at the age of 43, hundreds have signed a petition to have a memorial for the actor built in place of a Confederate statue.

School Principal Performing A Shuffle Dance With His Students Has Gone Viral

Children used to engage in a lot more physical activity before the advent of the computer and smartphone era. This is because children of a previous generation yearned for physical activity. They go outside their homes to play with the other kids to release their pent-up energy.

James McAvoy Plays A Character With 24 Different Personalities in 'Glass'

On Blu-ray and M, "Glass" is now available. Night Shyamalan's latest picture reunites Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson's characters from his 2000 film "Unbreakable," as well as introducing both of them to Kevin Wendell Crumb, played by James McAvoy, from "Split."

Here's What The Four Different Coloured Poppies Represent

Citizens of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth nations are prepared to pay respect to fallen war heroes as Remembrance Day approaches. Red poppies begin to emerge on coats and jackets, in shops, and at train stations on November 11 and the days around it.

8 Discontinued Crisp Flavours You Wish You Could Still Get Today

We've lost some crackers because they flew too close to the sun... The world of crisps – or "chips," as the Americans call them (despite the fact that the term is trademarked) – is oversaturated, and when new flavors are released, we often have to make room for them by discontinuing manufacturing of more basic flavors.

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