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AirAsia Boss Criticized For Having Half-naked Massage During Meeting


Tony Fernandes, AirAsia boss criticized for having half-naked massage during meeting. The incident has stirred controversy, drawing attention to the behavior of a prominent business figure.

According to reports, Tony Fernandes was linked to a massage while participating in a meeting. The images or information about the incident have been widely circulated, prompting public scrutiny and criticism. The reported context suggests that this behavior occurred during a stressful week, as mentioned by Mr. Fernandes himself.

AirAsia boss criticized for having half-naked massage during meeting. The incident has led to a significant public and professional response. Critics argue that such behavior is unprofessional and inappropriate, especially for someone in a leadership position. As the head of a major airline, Tony Fernandes is expected to maintain a certain level of professionalism, and the incident has sparked debates about the appropriateness of such actions in a business setting.

Fernandes appeared to be claiming in his post, which is now deleted, on the professional social networking site LinkedIn that the fact that he could receive a massage while in a meeting was proof of the positive workplace culture at AirAsia.

On LinkedIn, Tony Fernandes said:

Got to love Indonesia and AirAsia culture that I can have a massage and do a management meeting.- Tony Fernandes

He probably did not anticipate the response, as you can obviously guess. The scene was described as 'unprofessional' by one person and as 'inappropriate and ludicrous' by another.

"He should be setting an example of good work ethics and culture, not flaunting his body and privilege,"according to the remarks. Another person stated simply, "Some CEOs need to stay off LinkedIn."

In response to the public backlash, AirAsia released statements addressing the matter. Tony Fernandes, acknowledging the incident, described the week as stressful and apologized if his actions were deemed inappropriate. The corporate response and Fernandes' statement play a role in shaping public perceptions and determining the potential impact on the company's reputation.

The incident sheds light on broader discussions about corporate culture, professionalism, and the expectations placed on high-profile executives. It raises questions about the responsibility of leaders in maintaining a professional image, especially in public-facing roles.

As the newscontinues to circulate, AirAsia and Tony Fernandes will likely engage in reputation management efforts. This may involve further public statements, actions to address any concerns raised, and internal measures to uphold professional standards within the organization.

Beyond the specific incident, such occurrences can have a broader impact on the airline industry and the business world as a whole. It prompts discussions about the behavior expected from corporate leaders and the potential consequences when those expectations are not met.


AirAsia boss criticized for having half-naked massage during meeting. The public response, corporate statements, and potential actions taken by AirAsia will play a crucial role in shaping the narrative around this incident and its impact on the reputation of both the individual and the airline. For the latest and most accurate information, it's advisable to refer directly to the provided sources.

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