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Are You Ready For Your Next Trip With Your Horse Trailer?


Lights. Tires. Vents. Are you ready for your next trip with your horse trailer? To ensure the safety of yourself, your passengers and your horses, read on for a quick checklist of items from Featherlite Trailersyou should review before and during your next trip with your horses.

  • Ensure all lights, turn signals and brakes are working properly.
  • Be sure the tire pressure is at the value indicated on the certification or VIN label.
  • The lug nuts should be tight and properly torqued.
  • Make sure the wiring harness is securely attached to your truck.
  • Place your safety chains in their proper location.
  • Attach and test the breakaway brake system.
  • Check the integrity of your hitch/ball.
  • Confirm that the coupler is shut and locked. Always couple the trailer to the tow vehicle before loading your horses.
  • Place weight in the most uniform manner. (Overloading the front or back can make pulling difficult.)
  • Open vents on hot days, and keep your horses watered when on the road.
  • Make sure dividers are secured properly.
  • See to it that all feed doors are in their proper and desired location.
  • Double check hitch and coupler.
  • Stay within speed limits.
  • When turning, allow enough room, and execute the turn slowly.
  • Put yourself in your horse's position and drive with that in mind.

Comment below with any other tips you have for preparing for a trip with your horses!

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