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Controversy Erupts As Bride Dies Of Heart Attack During Wedding, Family Substitutes Younger Sister


Bride dies of heart attack during wedding, family substitutes younger sister. The joyous occasion of a wedding can quickly turn into a tragic event. This is what happened in Nari village in the Indian state of Gujarat, where a bride died of a sudden heart attack on her wedding day. The family, instead of calling off the wedding, substituted the bride with her younger sister.

Bride Dies On Wedding Day, Family Substitutes Younger Sister As Replacement

Hetal was set to marry Vishal, son of Ranabhai Butabhai Algotar, in an elaborate ceremony that is typical of Indian weddings. However, as the ceremony was in progress, Hetal reportedly felt dizzy and then suddenly fainted. Her relatives rushed her to the hospital, but it was too late. Doctors declared that Hetal had died of a heart attack.

The family was devastated, but they faced a dilemma - what to do about the wedding? Should they cancel it or find a replacement for the bride? Hetal's father, Jinabhai Rathore, decided to proceed with the wedding and suggested that Vishal should marry his younger daughter instead.

According to the local news site Hindi Latest, the tragic bride's body was stored in a mortuary refrigerator at the hospital until the ceremony was over.

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This decision has sparked outrage and criticism on social media, with many people condemning the family's actions as insensitive and disrespectful to the deceased bride. People argue that replacing the bride with her younger sister shows a lack of regard for the deceased and is not in line with cultural and societal norms.

It is not the first time that such an incident has happened in India. In 2021, a groom married his dead bride's sister after the bride collapsed during the wedding ceremony. These incidents raise questions about the societal and cultural pressures that force families to go ahead with a wedding, even in the face of tragedy.

While some people might view the family's decision as a way to save face and preserve the sanctity of the wedding, others argue that it is a form of emotional blackmail that forces the younger sister into a marriage that she may not want. It is a complicated issue that touches on cultural and societal norms, gender roles, and the sanctity of marriage.


In conclusion, the tragic story of Hetal's death on her wedding day and her replacement with her younger sister highlights the challenges that families face when dealing with unexpected events. While it is understandable that the family wanted to salvage the wedding and honor the commitment made to Vishal's family, the decision to replace the bride with her younger sister raises ethical and moral questions that need to be addressed. It is a reminder that weddings are not just celebrations but also serious commitments that require careful consideration and respect for all parties involved.

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