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Customer Stunned As Self-Checkout Demands Tip - Shocking Encounter!


Opinions on tipping and tipping culture may naturally vary, but there are certain lines that most people can agree on. One such line is that tips should be given to human beings who provide a service and rely on those tips for their livelihood. However, it seems that even robots are now looking for a little extra appreciation with one customer stunned as self-checkout demands tip!

When Machines Cross The Line

A recent incident left one woman astounded when she used a self-service checkout for her shopping. As she was about to leave, the machine unexpectedly posed a perplexing question: Would she like to leave a tip?

The tipping options ranged from 15 percent to 20 percent, putting the customer in a quandary about how much to give. While tipping is commonly understood to be a way of supporting service workers, it becomes questionable when it involves tipping a machine.

"It may not be a perfect system, but people understand the importance of tipping in certain situations. However, leaving a tip that doesn't go to an actual person crosses the line," expressed the baffled customer.

A self-checkout machine that asked for a tip.
A self-checkout machine that asked for a tip.

Common sense dictates that a self-service checkout machine doesn't require a tip. It lacks the ability to utilize or appreciate the extra money. The incident was shared on Reddit, triggering an outpouring of disapproval and witty remarks from online users.

Some users took a humorous approach, suggesting that the self-service checkout should offer customers a discount for performing the task themselves. Others found the idea of tipping a machine utterly perplexing. "Who am I tipping, myself?" exclaimed one bewildered commenter.

Beyond the jokes, there were genuine frustrations expressed. Critics argued that tipping might be justifiable if it involved a person providing a service, such as food preparation, but tipping a self-service checkout lacked any reasonable justification.

Other Reddit users shared their frustrations with the tipping system that's now included in automated machines.

Ah yes I’d like to pay more for this already over priced product, Thank you! I was feeling a little to rich today, don’t want that account to have more than 2 digits in it- Lobsterboiiiii

I've had a person working an open checkout lane redirect me to self checkout so they can have a conversation with a friend. I want to avoid the machines so my tax dollars won't have to be used to provide food stamps for unemployed cashiers, but some of them just make it so hard...- TangoPRomeo

Ban Tipping- Ok-Layer6893

Why yes I would like to tip myself thank you- TechnomancerThirteen

The absurdity of the situation was summed up by a disgruntled commenter who exclaimed,

Tip a shop for scanning your own items? That is some proper BS.- Billy_Rizzle

The incident sparked broader discussions on the relevance and boundaries of tipping culture. Calls to eliminate tipping altogether gained traction, while others sarcastically remarked on the irony of paying more for already overpriced products.

While this incident may have been an unintended glitch or an ill-conceived feature, it highlights the need to establish clear guidelines regarding when tipping is appropriate. As automation increasingly replaces human interactions, it becomes crucial to redefine tipping practices in light of evolving societal norms.


In a world where machines are taking on more roles traditionally performed by humans, it is important to strike a balance between recognizing valuable service and avoiding nonsensical gestures. As this story continues to circulate and generate conversations online, it serves as a reminder to reevaluate our expectations and redefine the parameters of tipping in a rapidly changing landscape.

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