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Cyclists Decide Race Winner With Rock-Paper-Scissors

Discover the remarkable story of how two professional cyclists decide race winner with rock-paper-scissors, showcasing an extraordinary display of sportsmanship during the intense Tour of Slovenia 2022.

Morgan Maverick
Jan 23, 2024116 Shares5516 Views
In a stunning display of camaraderie and sportsmanship, professional cyclists Rafal Majka and Tadej Pogacar, teammates from UAE Team Emirates, chose a unique method to determine the winner of their race during the 2022 Tour of Slovenia. Instead of a fierce sprint to the finish line, the cyclists decide race winner with rock-paper-scissors.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

The Tour of Slovenia, a prominent event in the cycling world, witnessed an extraordinary scene that has recently resurfaced on social media, captivating audiences. Majka and Pogacar, having outpaced the competition, found themselves in a deadlock.
In a moment combining nobility and humor,they decided to play 'rock, paper, scissors'to determine who would claim the stage victory.
This decision, made in the spirit of sportsmanship, was a departure from the usual intense competition expected on race day.
The game's outcome saw Majka triumph over Pogacar, his paper beating Pogacar's rock, leading to Majka's second stage win of the tour. Fernando Barceló of Caja Rural–Seguros RGA finished 22 seconds behind the Emirates duo, underscoring the lead established by Majka and Pogacar.
However, this unusual conclusion to the race has sparked discussions online about the nature of cycling as a team sport.
A Reddit user offered insight into the dynamics of professional cycling teams: “That might mean blocking the wind for the leader so that the leader can save energy to attack at a critical moment, or chasing down attacks from opponents so the team leader doesn't have to, or even something as mundane as fetching water and sustenance for the team leader and other team members."
"In the end, the goal is to deliver your team leader across the line in the first place. Pogačar was probably within his right to ask Majka to hand him the stage win, being team leader and all, but I imagine he was feeling pretty grateful to Majka for riding in support of him for the past two days. That's probably why he let it be settled by rock paper scissors, and why he was all smiles as he sent Majka across the line first."
This insight sheds light on the complexities of cycling as a sport that relies heavily on teamwork and strategy. The decision by Pogacar, the team leader, to engage in a game of rock, paper, and scissors with Majka, can be seen as an acknowledgment of Majka's support and efforts during the race.
The video capturing this moment has been widely shared and celebrated as an example of the positive spirit and mutual respect that can exist in competitive sports. The gesture by Pogacar, allowing the game to determine the winner, is viewed as a significant act of sportsmanship and gratitude towards his teammate.


This incident stands as a testament to the camaraderie and team spirit that can transcend the competitive nature of professional sports. It serves as a reminder that, at times, the spirit of the game and the bond between teammates can be more significant than the pursuit of individual glory. The friendly conclusion of the race at the Tour of Slovenia will undoubtedly be remembered as a brilliant display of sportsmanship and a unique moment in the history of professional cycling.
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