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Divers Capture 6-foot Fish Riddled With Holes Sparking ‘Doomsday’ Theory


In a stunning and eerie underwater encounter, a group of divers capture 6-foot fish riddled with holes sparking ‘Doomsday’ theory. The discovery of this rare and enigmatic creature has sent shockwaves through the scientific community and captivated the attention of the world.

The strange scene, which the divers were able to photograph, was spotted as they were exploring the ocean close to Taipei, Taiwan's Ruifang District.

The incident took place in the depths of the ocean where a team of divers capture 6-foot fish riddled with holes sparking ‘Doomsday’ theory when they were exploring an underwater trench.

The creature was identified as an oarfish, a seldom-seen deep-sea fish known for its lengthy and slender body, often reaching up to 30 feet in length. This particular specimen, however, measured an astonishing 6 feet long, still considered relatively large for an oarfish.

The peculiar and concerning aspect of the encounter was the fish's appearance. Its body was riddled with a series of inexplicable holes, which immediately raised questions among the divers. The holes varied in size and were irregularly distributed across the fish's body. Speculations about the cause of these holes ranged from natural predators to potential environmental factors.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/divers-capture-6-foot-fish-riddled-with-holes-sparking-doomsday-theory/ by Raven Noir on 2023-07-26T06:08:36.398Z

The enormous oarfish is also called as an "earthquake fish" or a "doomsday fish" since it is believed that witnessing one heralds the impending occurrence of a major catastrophe.

When describing the encounter, diving instructor Wang Cheng-Ru, who was behind the camera during the dive, named the fish by its nickname.

However, the fish isn't always a sign of earthquakes; in Japanese folklore, they are also said to be a sign of tsunamis.

The footage and images of the oarfish, covered in gaping holes, quickly went viral, and it wasn't long before the media picked up the story. The doomsday theory began to circulate, suggesting that the oarfish's condition might be indicative of an impending catastrophe, particularly an earthquake or some other natural disaster.

Supporters of the doomsday theory pointed to historical accounts and myths that associate the appearance of oarfish with seismic activities. These legends, originating from various cultures, have often linked sightings of oarfish near the water's surface with impending earthquakes or tsunamis.

While some dismissed the theory as mere superstition, others expressed concern, emphasizing the possibility of a correlation between the fish's condition and potential seismic disturbances. However, it's important to note that no concrete scientific evidence has yet been presented to confirm a direct link between oarfish sightings and earthquakes.

According to this interpretation, the oarfish ventured into shallower waters than it usually inhabits, making it vulnerable to attacks from predators like sharks. The irregular and varying sizes of the holes could be attributed to different shark species attempting to prey on the oarfish.


Divers capture 6-foot fish riddled with holes sparking ‘Doomsday’ theory. The recent discovery of the rare 6-foot oarfish covered in mysterious holes has undoubtedly piqued the interest of the world, giving rise to the chilling 'Doomsday' theory. While this theory remains largely speculative and lacks solid scientific evidence, the encounter serves as a reminder of the wonders and mysteries that the depths of our oceans still hold.

Scientists and researchers are keenly observing the situation, hoping to unravel the true cause behind the fish's unusual appearance. As with any intriguing discovery, this incident has opened doors for further exploration and study, contributing to our understanding of the delicate ecosystems that lie beneath the waves.

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