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Emma Chamberlain Isn't Charging $10k For Instagram DM, Despite Rumors


Emma Chamberlain isn't charging $10k for Instagram DM, despite rumors. A screenshot of a listing on Emma Chamberlain's personal website began circulating on Twitter and Reddit.

The listing claimed that Chamberlain was offering a "personal thank you note" sent via Instagram DM for a whopping $10,000. Many found the listing to be ridiculous, especially given the option to pay for the listing in $902 installments.

ShopPay of $10000 for Emma Chamberlain's Instagram DM
ShopPay of $10000 for Emma Chamberlain's Instagram DM

The option to purchase a "personal thank you note" for $10,000 was met with widespread mockery on the internet, with some people thinking it was a joke or a publicity stunt. In response to the criticism, MrBeast commented on one of the posts and announced his plan to buy one of the messages, saying "I'm gonna buy it and see what it says lol."

While it is not yet confirmed whether or not he has followed through with the purchase, it's worth noting that MrBeast has a reputation for making extravagant purchases for the sake of his content.

MrBeast twitter response to Emma Chamberlain's $10000 DM
MrBeast twitter response to Emma Chamberlain's $10000 DM

Emma Chamberlain's Company Denies Charging $10K For Personal Instagram DMs

In response to the controversy, Cozack, Inc., the company behind Chamberlain's merch, released a statement on the shopemmachamberlain.com website. The statement explained that the listing was part of a reward program that Cozack was testing in 2018, without Chamberlain's knowledge.

Cozack's released statement
Cozack's released statement

The listing was never intended to be activated or sold but was merely an idea for internal testing. The statement also suggested that the listing was only discovered due to Google's SEO indexing system, and that false information had been spread as a result.

While the listing was not accessible from the website's homepage, it could be reached via a direct link. Users who attempted to purchase the listing would find that it added $1,025 in taxes at checkout.

It appears that the listing had been on the website since at least December 4, 2022, when a Twitter user first noticed it.

As of now, the shopemmachamberlain.com website is down for internal review.



In summary, the controversial $10,000 listing for a personalized thank you note from Emma Chamberlain in an Instagram DM appears to have been part of an internal reward program that was never meant to be activated or sold.

Cozack, Inc., the company behind Chamberlain's merchandise, has denied the false and inaccurate claims and stated that the program was never intended to be publicized.

The origins of the screenshot that circulated on social media remain unclear, and the situation serves as a reminder of the internet's tendency to create false narratives around sensationalized stories.

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