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Everyone On Plane Watches Australia Vs France Game, Except One Passenger


The electrifying atmosphere of the Women's World Cup took an unexpected turn in a rather unlikely setting – 30,000 feet above ground. As the world tuned in to witness the high-stakes clash between Australia's 'Matildas' and the French team, everyone on a plane watches Australia vs France game, except one passenger.

Everyone's Eyes Glued To Soccer, Except One Devoted Tolkien Fan At 30,000 Feet

In a plot twist that even the most imaginative scriptwriters couldn't conjure, the Women's World Cup delivered a sky-high spectacle that left both soccer enthusiasts and fantasy aficionados chuckling. As Australia and New Zealand jointly hosted the Women's World Cup, the showdown between the Australian 'Matildas' and the formidable French squad took an electrifying turn, culminating in a penalty shootout that kept the world on tenterhooks.

The reigning champs, USA, stumbled in their quest for an unprecedented third consecutive World Cup triumph, bowing out to Sweden in a nail-biting penalty face-off. With the dust of the group stages settling, New Zealand waved goodbye, leaving Australia to carry the host nations' hopes. The stage was set for an epic showdown with France – a duel that promised to test nerves, grit, and perhaps even a sprinkle of fairy dust.

As the clock ticked away, and the extra time failed to tip the scales, the stadium lights dimmed for the most nail-biting of showdowns – a penalty shootout. With the scorecard flashing an exhilarating 3-3 after the initial penalties, both Australia and France danced their way to a nerve-racking 6-6, akin to a high-stakes poker game.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/everyone-on-plane-watches-australia-vs-france-game-except-one/ by Raven Noir on 2023-08-16T00:54:54.923Z

In a twist that Hollywood screenwriters would call genius, both teams suddenly suffered from "penalty jitters" – missing their marks in an unforeseen symphony of tension. The stadium roared, hearts raced, and just when it seemed the script couldn't get any crazier, France fumbled yet again, missing another crucial penalty.

But amidst the soccer symphony, there was one soloist out of tune, immersed in a world entirely their own. As Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) crowned the match the TV event of 2023, a passenger plane became an unsuspecting stage for hilarity. On screens across the cabin, the soccer spectacle gripped the passengers' attention – except one. In the corner, a dedicated Tolkien fan seemed immune to the allure of the pitch.

The moment a plane full of passengers erupts over the Matildas win – except one

In a scene that could make even the most dedicated soccer fan crack a smile, this passenger had their eyes fixed on The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Amidst the adrenaline-charged roars and jubilation, this bold outlier embraced Middle-earth's charms, unperturbed by the football fervor.

Just as the penalty shootout reached its crescendo, and Australia's Cortnee Vine readied for her iconic shot, this passenger was wrapped up in Sir Ian McKellen's performance as Gandalf. The very scene that held them captive depicted Frodo's reunion with the Fellowship – a reunion as epic as the soccer showdown, albeit of a different kind.

Considering the extended runtime of Return of the King, it's clear this fan was here for the long haul, unfazed by the impending soccer outcome. In a world where football loyalties collided with the enchantment of Tolkien's universe, this comedic subplot emerged, reminding us that amidst the fervor of competition, there's always room for a touch of whimsy.

Final Whistle

So, as the final whistle blew, and Australia's victory reverberated through the airwaves, spare a thought for the Tolkien enthusiast who journeyed through Middle-earth while the rest of the world journeyed through a penalty shootout. A unique tale of divided loyalties, where soccer met sorcery, proving that in the grand theater of life, every spectator brings their own magic to the show.

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