Guys when the liked the girl then... [meme]

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

I'm pretty sure that over 99% percent of guys don't do this. You'd have to be a real piece of shit to randomly send dick picks. But then again, I'm not a girl so what do I know what other guys do.

Has somebody here experienced randomly receiving a dick pick? And I don't mean from someone completely random on Reddit or anywhere else, I mean from a guy you actually know.

And since 99% of the population couldn't read in the 1600's, they didn't do it either.

(To be fair, only 60% of English men were illiterate in the 1640's, but 90% of English women were illiterate, so writing a poem for them would be a bit useless. I also think 99% of English males would be horrible at writing poems)

Girls definitely get sent unwanted dick pics btw